Korean baseball going to ‘Gangnam’ following the coach

On the one hand, it was bad luck. Last February, the weather in 먹튀검증Arizona, USA, where not only the baseball team but also six professional baseball teams held their spring camp, was the worst. A veteran player who trained at an Arizona camp said, “Because of Corona 19, it was no better than the last two years when I trained at a domestic camp. he was so cold “I never imagined that Arizona, which is famous for its nice weather, would be like that,” he said.

However, it was not just the weather that caused the team’s inefficiency in preparation for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Players who had been training for their respective teams, such as Sydney (Australia Doosan), Okinawa (Samsung), Guam (Lotte), and Florida (SSG), moved to Arizona in the U.S. in mid-February in time for the national team convocation, then returned to Korea and returned to Japan. I had to draw an inconvenient path leading to

Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) looked back on the past month on the 15th after joining the team after the national team was disbanded, saying, “It was difficult for me when I moved, but I was fine because I was young, but the seniors must have had a harder time.”

When side effects such as avoidance occurred while appointing a national team manager among active professional baseball managers, Korean baseball turned to a full-time manager system and then returned in effect. The point of compromise was to minimize the sacrifice of the active coach and the team in charge of the national team, and even consider the camp site in the preparation process for the World Base Classic (WBC). This is why the national team set up a camp in Arizona, where coach Lee Kang-cheol’s team, KT, trains.

But in fact, it was a ‘makeshift plan’ that would explode someday. For example, in the same way, if the Doosan Command Tower, which is currently set up for spring camp in Sydney, Australia, becomes the national team coach, all nine team players will have to move to Australia in the southern hemisphere in the middle of the spring camp. Looking at the preparation for the WBC, it is not reasonable to anyone.

If it’s a national team game, you have to be prepared for the national team. The reason why the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) gave up the full-time manager system was partly because the results of recent competitions, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, were not good, but it was also because of the judgment that it was difficult to achieve ‘cost performance’. In response to a related question, a KBO official said, “There are such problems, but even if you look at the leadership that leads players, we also took into account structural features that allow active managers to exert a little more power. The reason for not continuing the full-time supervisor system was not simple,” he explained.

However, if it is a national team competition, the preparation process should be focused on showing the best performance in the competition. If other values ​​intervene one by one, it is inevitable that the ship will go to the mountain, just as the WBC team suffered more losses than gains while training in Arizona.

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