Korean Air’s bright future, ‘Hongdae Duo’ following ‘Seok-seok Duo’ Jung Han-yong and Lee Joon

Korean Air’s bright future is possible because of the ‘Hongdae Duo’.

One of Korean Air’s boasts is the ‘Seok-seok duo’ Kwak Seung-seok (35) and Jeong Ji-seok (28). Doo-Eun, who has the skills to occupy the national team starting outside heater, is in charge of the left wing of Daehan Port. This is why Korean Air is hardly shaken.

Korean Air,토스카지노 with the addition of the ‘Seok-Seok Duo’ to one setter, won the long-awaited championship match in the 2017-2018 season. Here, from the 2020-2021 season to the 2022-2023 season, the dynasty was opened by achieving three consecutive championships in a row.

The steadfastness of the ‘Seok-seok duo’ It is not easy to occupy the starting position in Korean Air. Hongik University’s class of ’19-20 duo Lee Jun (24) and Jeong Han-yong (22) are a representative case. Lee Joon and Jeong Han-yong played an active role as a ‘one-two punch’ while studying at Hongik University, and were recognized for their skills to the point of sweeping the best player award by leading the college league championship in 2020 and 2021.

In the 2021-2022 rookie draft, Jeong Han-yong entered the pros wearing Korean Air uniforms side by side with Jeong Han-yong ranked 3rd in the 1st round and Lee Joon ranked 7th in the 1st round, but Korean Air had to spend more time keeping the warm-up zone than the court.

The opportunity has come. At the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Championship, which opened on the 14th (hereafter local time), Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen cited the growth of promising players who will become future engines as the goal of participating in the tournament. In the match against the Canberra Heat (Australia), Lee Jun and Jeong Han-yong were appointed as the main outside hitters.

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hit Both players were excellent with stable receiving and offensive power that did not discriminate between the front and back positions.

The combination play of the two players at the beginning of the first set was the highlight of the match. With a 4-1 lead in the first set, setter Yoo Kwang-woo saved the opponent’s attack, and Jeong Han-yong pretended to hit it with an attack right away, then connected it with a jump toss to Lee Jun, who was on the left flank. Lee Joon naturally jumped up and slammed the ball into the Canberra court, as if he knew that Jung Han-yong would toss him.

Thanks to the great performance of the two new outside heaters, Korean Air won the first set perfectly, 25-11, and seized the victory. The momentum of winning the first set continued in the second and third sets, ending the first game of the tournament with a set score of 3-0 (25-11 25-21 25-12).

Lee Joon and Jeong Han-yong were active in karate and defense full-time. Lee Joon scored 12 points, including 1 block and 1 serve, the second most on the team after Lim Dong-hyuk (13 points). The attack success rate reached 62.5%. Receive received 13 opposing serves and landed 7 exactly over the setter’s head.

Jeong Han-yong’s attack success rate dropped slightly to 43% (6/14), but he scored 9 points, including 1 block and 2 serve goals. Receive correctly connected 6 out of 11 attempts. Both players did not feel the vacancy of the ‘Seok-Seok Duo’ with an efficiency exceeding 50% even in receiving, which is the original mission of the outside heater.

Lee Joon replied, “I was excited and worried at the same time when I heard that I was a starting member before the match. Jeong Han-yong also attributed the victory to Yoo Kwang-woo (38), who played as the main setter for both players, saying, “I was worried too, but (Yu) Kwang-woo put the ball well, so it turned out well.”

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Regarding the toss-attack combination play at the beginning of the first set, the two players replied, “It’s something we practiced a lot.” Jeong Han-yong said, “Coach Tommy wants to do a lot of toss training not only for setters and liberos, but also for outside hitters. He smiled shyly, saying, “It’s the result of a lot of practice.” Lee Joon-do also said, “It is also possible to upload a reverse scene where (Jeong) Han Yong-yi hits. He is doing a lot of toss training,” he replied.

The synergy effect was great as we worked together for two years in college. When Lee Joon, who is two years old and one in the class, said, “Anyway, running with (Jung) Han-yong on the court is the most comfortable and less burdensome.” While running, I remembered my old college days.”

Lee Joon and Jeong Han-yong take a day off and immediately start a sortie against Bahrain. Lee Joon said, “I heard that Bahrain is a good team. I want to stick properly once,” he said, reaffirming his determination. Jeong Han-yong also said, “I heard that Yosbani is also in Bahrain. I want to play a winning game tomorrow as well,” he said.

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