“Kim Min-jae Sensational”… Another acclaimed AC Milan legend

AC Milan legend Massimo Ambrosini joined the ranks of praise for Kim Min-jae (26), who has led his team Napoli with great success since the first year of entering the big league.

In an interview with Italy’s DAZN on the 6th (Korean time), Ambrosini said, “Kim Min-jae is really amazing,” talking about Napoli and Inter Milan. 먹튀검증

He said, “When I look at Napoli, I think of Juventus, which accumulated 100 points in Serie A.”

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli to fill the spot of Kalidou Koulibaly, who left for Chelsea.

Given that Koulibaly was chosen as the best defender in Serie A, and that Min-jae Kim was the first year to enter the big leagues, a question mark, “Can Koulibaly fill the void?” followed before the opening.

However, Kim Min-jae erased the question mark by making a big success in Serie A as well as in the UEFA Champions League. Big clubs are paying attention, and Napoli is trying to get rid of the buyout clause in Kim Min-jae’s contract. As well as Ambrosini, there are many opinions that ‘Kim Min-jae is better than Coulibaly’. Coincidentally, Koulibaly is struggling at Chelsea, so the opinion is getting more convincing.

Ambrosini, who played as a midfielder during his active career, played 344 matches for AC Milan between 1995 and 2013, and also appeared in 35 matches for the Italian national team.

Interestingly, Paulo Maldini, who played for AC Milan with Ambrosini and is considered an Italian football legend, was also involved with Kim Min-jae. In October of last year, while watching the match between Napoli and AC Milan, seeing Kim Min-jae’s “kick-off” in the second half of the extra time, and holding his head in amazement, was caught on the relay screen and became a hot topic.

In addition, Alessandro Costacurta, who led the heyday of AC Milan with Maldini, also praised the Napoli defense team led by Kim Min-jae.

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