“Kim! Kim! Kim!” Loving fans… Kim Min-jae Napoli wins Serie A

This is sports news. The moment the victory was confirmed, Napoli fans poured onto the ground. In the locker room, the players also enjoyed the joy. The first championship in 33 years since the era of Maradona. It was possible because there was an ‘iron wall’ named Kim Min-jae.

The moment the final whistle blew,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 Napoli’s league championship was confirmed.

Fans and players all poured onto the ground and hugged each other.

The first Korean to win Serie A… He also sang Minjae Kim.

“Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim!”

In the locker room, they dyed their hair blue the team color and popped champagne.

In the first season, Kim Min-jae flew from Turkey to Italy, turning fans’ concerns into conviction.

He started 32 out of 33 games and showed everything in ‘iron wall defense’, and allowed the opposing striker to break through only 5 times.

Even in the game that decided the championship, Kim Min-jae devoted himself right in front of the goal, sharply cutting off his opponent’s flow and not missing the starting point of the attack.

With Osimen’s equalizer splitting the net, they dominated the table with five games left to clinch the top spot.

Napoli, who won the championship in 33 years after Maradona, was filled with cheers from fans.

[Napoli fan: I’ve been waiting for the championship since I was a kid. It’s a win for the whole city. It’s really cool.]

It’s the first time since Park Ji-sung that a Korean player has been the main player and led the championship in a European league.

Kim Min-jae said, “I want to pass on the honor to Korean fans,” and expressed his joy to be able to promote his home country in Italy.

In the field, the Korean center back, who quickly adapted, was cited as one of the main players in the championship, and

Napoli’s defense, which conceded the least in the league, was highly evaluated because of Kim Min-jae.

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