“Kim Ha-seong’s ransom won’t fall… trade? Short-term solution” 52 billion won ‘Outside perspective’ on second baseman

 “Ha-seong Kim is quietly having a good year, so his price is unlikely to decrease.”

Will the issue of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres)’s future come to the surface in the 2023-2024 offseason? 카지노사이트 There is a possibility. The 2024 season is the final season of the guaranteed contract of the 4+1 year $39 million (approximately 52 billion won) contract. If Ha-seong Kim accepts the $8 million club option, he will play for San Diego until the 2025 season and become eligible as a free agent.

However, as he has become one of the Major League’s leading offensive linemen and second basemen through this season, there seems to be no reason to accept the club option. If his performance in the 2024 season does not drop significantly, he may be able to exercise his first free agent status in the major leagues a year later.

So, one of the options that San Diego can take is the trade of Ha-seong Kim. If you are sure that Kim Ha-seong’s price will soar, there is no law preventing you from choosing a strategy to get a return in advance in the trade market. If Kim Ha-seong can go to a team where he can play full-time as a shortstop, a trade would not be a bad thing. Ha-Seong Kim does not have the right to veto a trade.

In this situation, MLB Trade Rumors checked on the 15th (Korean time) about the Miami Marlins’ moves to reinforce their shortstop. Miami is using Joey Wendle as its starting shortstop this season. However, his offensive production dropped with a batting average of 0.222, 2 home runs, 20 RBIs, 32 runs, and an OPS of 0.580 in 103 games.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “Miami will attempt to upgrade its shortstop this winter. “The club will be considering alternatives to Wendel.” In fact, Wendel’s decline in offense and defense production this season was explained in detail. He said he was better suited as a utility player than as a starting player.

Afterwards, MLB Trade Rumors checked the trends of shortstops in the free agent and trade markets. Kim Ha-seong was mentioned in the trade-related paragraph. “Ha-Sung Kim moved to second base when San Diego recruited Xander Bogaerts, but he is quietly having a good year, so his price will not be lowered.”

He said, “As 2024 is the last guaranteed year of the contract, Kim Ha-seong is also only a short-term solution.” Miami may think that since Kim Ha-seong has a year left until free agency, it will be difficult to use him for a long time if he trades. Conversely, there may be a club that actively tries to accept Ha-Seong Kim.

Miami basically gave Kim Ha-seong a generous evaluation. If San Diego actually receives a trade request, it is expected to clearly reveal how much value they value Ha-seong Kim. General Manager A..J Preller also revealed to local media that he had already received a trade offer for Kim Ha-sung early this season.

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