Kershaw canceled the WBC against the insurance company “There was nothing I could do”

Veteran left-hander Clayton Kershaw (35, Los Angeles Dodgers), who was expected to be the first starter for the US national team at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held next month, ended up not being able to compete in the WBC.

In an interview with local reporters at the Dodgers spring camp in Glendale, Arizona, USA on the 18th (Korean time), Kershaw said, “I tried many things to find a way to participate, but it didn’t work out.” I really wanted to participate, but I am really disappointed.” 먹튀검증

Kershaw, who was nearing the end of his career, was eager to represent the United States for the first time at the WBC. The Dodgers team also respected Kershaw’s wishes and allowed him to play. But he got caught in an unexpected turn. it’s an insurance company

ESPN,, etc. have taken issue with Kershaw’s history, which insurance companies have placed on the injured list five times in the last three seasons, including a herniated disc, shoulder, and pelvis, in recent years. Kershaw was pressured not to pay insurance money if he was injured at the WBC.

The WBC Secretariat made it compulsory for major league players to purchase insurance. Therefore, if the insurance company does not agree to participate in consideration of the possibility of injury recurrence, major leaguers cannot participate in the WBC.

Kershaw tried to solve the insurance problem personally to go to the WBC, but it ended up not working. “There was nothing I could do,” he said. “It’s disappointing not to be able to participate in the WBC, but now it’s time to prepare for the regular season.”

“It’s unfortunate that Kershaw won’t be with us,” said Team USA general manager Tony Riggins. “His desire to represent his country with ‘USA’ on his chest was genuine,” he said.

Kershaw is a ‘living legend’ who has recorded 197 wins (87 losses), an average ERA of 2.48, and 2,807 strikeouts since his major league debut in 2008. However, his recent injury streak has limited him to 22 appearances each of his last two seasons, and he has not even filled the required innings.

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