Kang Seong-wook, the U19 national team missing Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyung, “I will play with greater responsibility”

Can Seong-wook Kang (184cm, G) leave his mark on the world stage once again?

Kang Sung-wook led Sungkyunkwan University to a 67-46 victory in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Sangmyung University held at the Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 26th.메이저놀이터

Kang Seong-wook stepped on the court for 23 minutes and 11 seconds, scoring 6 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Although his score was slightly lower than usual, he focused on defense and put pressure on Sangmyung University. He also harassed his opponents by recording two steals with his characteristic sharp handling.

Kang Seong-wook, who we met after the game, said, “I couldn’t play the previous two games due to injury, but it feels good to win the game I came back with. It was a game I hadn’t played in a long time, so I think the main thing was to focus more on defense than on attack,” he explained the driving force behind the victory. 

Kang Sung-wook was selected as the national team for the FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) U19 Basketball World Cup held in Debrecen, Hungary on June 24. For the national team’s strengthening training, which starts on May 26, he joined the national team immediately after the match against Sangmyung University.

This is not the first time Kang Sung-wook has participated in international competitions. Kang Seong-wook played with the Taegeuk mark at the 2022 FIBA ​​U18 Asian Men’s Basketball Championship. With 11.8 points, 4.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists, Kang Seong-wook played a big role in both offense and defense, leading Korea to lift the trophy after 22 years. 

However, Lee Joo-young (Yonsei University) and Lee Chae-hyung (Yonsei University), who led the championship together at the time, cannot participate in this tournament due to injuries. As the two players were missing, Kang Seong-wook had a greater sense of responsibility. 

Kang Seong-wook said, “I went to an international competition last year and achieved good results. This time, (Lee) Joo-young and (Lee) Chae-hyung are out due to injuries. As the two of them are missing, I will take on more of that responsibility and work hard to achieve good results.”

Also, about competing against various players from around the world, “If you go to a tournament, you will meet players who are taller than us and have better strength. I want to overcome and overcome all such players.”

Lastly, Sungwook Kang did not forget to cheer for his fellow students at Sungkyunkwan University. Sungwook Kang’s Sungkyunkwan University is currently tied for 5th with 5 wins and 5 losses. Sungkyunkwan University, which is in fierce competition for ranking, has to digest most of the remaining schedule without the two players as both Kang Seong-wook and Kim Yun-seong, the team’s pivots, were selected for the U19 national team.

Kang Seong-wook said, “I’m not sure yet, but I could miss all four remaining college league games. Still, since the hyungs are so good at everything, I think I can trust them and play in the U19 tournament. I hope they can achieve good results without us and make it to the playoffs.”

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