‘Jurusa Nightmare’ revived… LG 3-run stealing mystery

Coach Yeom Kyung-yup’s anger seemed to pierce through the screen.

LG lost 3-6 against KIA in Gwangju on the 27th. It was actually a tough game. With Go Woo-seok, Lee Jung-yong, and Baek Seung-hyun out with injuries, the bullpen core of Ham Duk-joo and Park Myung-geun had to rest after back-to-back pitches. Jung Woo-young is in the process of overcoming his slump, so it’s hard to use him in tight situations.메이저사이트

Therefore, a sophisticated mound operation was needed. Coach Yoon Kyung-yeop said before the game, “In a game like this, there should be fewer mistakes and walks.” The moment there is an error or a walk, one more pitcher is needed, and the game operation becomes dizzying.

However, starting pitcher Kim Yoon-sik was not very good, giving up five runs on seven hits in 4⅓ innings with one walk and three strikeouts. Yoo Young-chan had to play catch-up after ⅔ of an inning. However, LG had its chances. Kia’s Yang Hyun-jong was noticeably shaky in the top of the seventh inning with a 6-3 lead.

LG had a chance one inning later when Jung Ju-hyun singled to left-center and Park Hae-min walked. It was back to the tablesetters of Hong Chang-ki and Moon Sung-joo. Hong Chang-ki, the king of runs, saw that Yang Hyun-jong was shaking and saw the ball well. With the count 3B1S, it was a favorable situation.

A five-pitch, 144-kilometer fastball came in, and Jeong Ju-hyun, the runner at second base, broke for third. But it was a late start. Kia catcher Shin Beom-soo threw to third baseman Byun Woo-hyuk, who was almost waiting with the ball. Jung was out.

KIA then pulled Yang Hyun-jong and brought in Choi Ji-min to get out of the jam. Manager Yeom Kyung-yup, who was briefly seen on the broadcast camera, looked furious. He could be seen shouting at someone. As a manager, he was understandably upset. He could have put more pressure on Yang Hyun-jong, as he had two outs. In the end, LG blew a golden opportunity when Oh Ji-hwan flied out to center field with the bases loaded and became the second victim of Yang Hyun-jong’s KBO career wins.

Under the circumstances, either the batter, Hong Chang-ki, or the second baseman, Jung Joo-hyun, could have misunderstood the sign from the bench. However, the pitcher was shaky and the count was favorable to the batter, so there was no reason for the bench to make a play. LG has been on a good run in May, with fewer walks and fewer stolen bases, but on this day, the nightmare of April came back to haunt them.

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