Johnson, who did not get world ranking points, fell out of the top 50 in 13 years

‘Long hitter’ Dustin Johnson (39, USA) was pushed out of the 50th place in the world rankings.

Johnson ranked 51st in the men’s golf world rankings announced on the 13th, down one notch from last week’s 50th. It is the first time in 13 years since January 2010 that Johnson has been pushed out of the top 50.

Previously, it was reported that Johnson received $150 million in down payment only when he moved on to the LIV golf series. He also swept in $35.6 million in prize money alone from last year’s LIV Series. Excluding the prize money he earned while on the PGA Tour in the first half of last year, he earned more than 200 billion won. Instead, because there are no world ranking points in the LIV Golf Series competition, it was not possible to keep the rankings. The PGA Tour, where world ranking points are at stake, is preventing players who have moved to the LIV series from participating. 메이저사이트

Players ranked in the top 50 in the world rankings are evaluated as an ‘elite group’. First of all, there are many cases where major competitions or similar competitions set the 50th place in the world ranking as the qualification standard.

However, Johnson can participate in the four major tournaments for the time being regardless of this. This is thanks to winning the Masters in 2020, which gives the winner a lifetime berth. By winning the Masters, you can participate in the PGA Championship and The Open until 2024 regardless of ranking. In addition, by winning the US Open in 2016, he has secured the right to participate for 10 years.

It’s not that Johnson doesn’t have a way to get a world ranking. He just needs to perform well in DP World Tour or Asian Tour events instead of the PGA Tour. Instead, these tournaments are held outside the U.S. mainland and the prize money is far below that of the PGA Tour, so the possibility of Johnson, who already has deep pockets, moving is very small at the moment.

Johnson is expected to compete in the first tournament of the LIV Golf 2023 season, which opens in Mexico on the 24th.

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