Jeju Utd recruits ‘Brazil Express’ Hayes.. Nicknames combined with Neymar

Jeju United has recruited Hayes (30), a Brazilian striker who played for Gwangju FC.

According to Jeju Utd, Hays made his professional debut in 2012 at Clubby du Hemu (2012-2016), and has been active on the Brazilian stage since then until 2020.

He went through Atletico Goianiensi (2012, loan), Boa EC (2017), Villanova FC (2018), Crisiuma EC (2019) and AD Conpiansa (2020).

Afterwards, Hayes, who chose a new challenge, joined Gwangju FC in the K-League 1 in 2021.

Even in his first overseas transfer, he played 30 matches, including the FA Cup, and scored 4 goals and 5 assists, making an impressive performance. In the 2022 season, he peaked in K League 2.

He played in a total of 39 matches, including the FA Cup, and scored 12 goals and 4 assists, leading Gwangju FC to promotion to the first division.

The 2022 K League 2 Adidas Points released by the Korea Professional Football Federation also recorded a total of 60,979 points, ranking 1st overall and 1st midfielder in K League 2.

Hayes, who has a solid physique of 175cm and 73kg, is evaluated as a wide striker with strong speed and space penetration.

Jeju Utd explained that he is a multiplayer who can play as an attacking midfielder and even a second striker depending on the tactical change, as he also has the ability to calmly finish and create opportunities.

Coach Nam Ki-il has already proven his offensive capabilities, but he is focusing on changing the flow of the game by actively participating in defense and passing using teammates’ positions.

In fact, Hayes has earned more than 10,000 points in both the passing (13,626 points) and defense (13,350 points) categories in Adidas Points. 토토

Coach Nam Ki-il said, “Hayes is a player who contributes not only to offense but also to defense.”

In response, Hayes said, “The team is more important than the individual,” and said, “Being good on the team is the most important task for me, and this is what the coach wants.”

On the other hand, Hayes, prior to the announcement of the recruitment, the players participated in team training by visiting not only the school soccer club in Jeju Island, but also the soccer prospects who visited Jeju Island for field training.

After training, he held an impromptu fan signing event with Yuri, a new foreign player.

In response, Jeju U-12 youth team knew that Heys liked Neymar and gave him a new nickname, ‘Heymar (Heys + Neymar)’, Jeju Utd explained.

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