‘Introduction of reservation system’ Club fans angry at Bullo Park Golf Course’s no-show

Recently, the reservation system, which is being piloted at Bullo Park Golf Course in Dong-gu, Daegu, is not equipped with countermeasures for ‘no-show’ (reservation but not showing up at the place of reservation without being contacted to cancel), and complaints are erupting among club members.

Since the beginning of last month, Daegu City has been piloting a park golf reservation system for Bullo Park Golf Course.

The reservation system available through mobile and PC allows you to use the stadium at your desired time every Monday from 9:00 am for the next two weeks. You can only make one reservation out of four times a day.

In addition, it also provides a ‘bulk reservation’ function that allows you to reserve a selected time slot every day for two weeks with one reservation. Reservations are also accepted on-site and by phone to reduce the inconvenience of the elderly who have difficulty accessing digitally. 메이저사이트

Thanks to this convenience and efficiency, the number of users of Bullo Park Golf Course has increased significantly. According to Daegu City, the average number of users per day at Bullo Park Golf Course was 350, but after the introduction of the reservation system, the number increased to 500.

The problem is that there is no specific countermeasure for ‘no show’.

Under the current system, if a reserved person does not show up at the stadium without notice, other people cannot use the vacant seat. Moreover, there is no penalty for such no-show behavior. The Daegu City Park Golf Association estimates that the no-show rate of all reservations is 20-30%.

In addition, there are voices that the reservation system rather hinders club activities of club members who form the base of park golf.

Kim Kwang-gi, head of the Park Golf Association of Daegu City, said, “There are about 600 park golf clubs in Daegu City, and each club has about 30 to 40 members who enjoy sports while promoting friendship.” It’s not easy to work out with the members in a hurry. It’s an area that needs improvement.”

Regarding this, a Daegu City official said, “We are reviewing ways to provide disadvantages for no-shows, and we are discussing with each district and county Park Golf Association on how to make club activities and reservation systems compatible.”

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