Industrial Bank of Korea consecutive luck, Pepper recruited Yasmin… Unpredictable ranking competition

Women’s professional volleyball is predicting fierce competition for rankings in the next season. The strength of the two teams in the lower ranks (6th and 7th) improved significantly.

KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) and seven women’s clubs belonging to the V-League held the ‘2023 Foreign Player Draft’ in Turkey, Istanbul on the 013th (Korean time). Heungkuk Life Insurance exercised priority for Yelena Mrezenovich, who played last season (2022-23), and in reality, only six clubs participated.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)온라인카지노, which won the first nomination, chose Apogee Spiker (Light) Brittany Abercrombie. He was the player that Industrial Bank of Korea coach Kim Ho-cheol picked as the number one player before the start of the tryouts. His height (1m91cm) is average for the position, but he has the advantage of being left-handed with a wide range of attacks. He is also evaluated as having good mobility. He played in the Turkish league last season. He is also the current Puerto Rico national team.

Industrial Bank of Korea is lucky. In this draft, which conducted a bead probability lottery in reverse order of last season’s ranking, Industrial Bank of Korea, which was in sixth place, got first place even though it put 5 fewer (30) marbles in the lottery than Pepper Savings Bank in 7th place. In the Asia Quarter Draft on April 21, when 7 teams put the same number of marbles (10) in a lottery machine to decide the order of nomination, IBK won the 1st pick and recruited Thai setter Phonpun Gedpard, who was the biggest fish. there is.

Industrial Bank of Korea recruited free agent (FA) outside hitter (left) Hwang Min-kyung last month. Along with existing player Pyo Seung-joo, they have a domestic attack team that is not pushed by other clubs. He even exercised the first pick in consecutive drafts in the ensuing draft. It is evaluated that the power has greatly improved.

Pepper Savings Bank, the “youngest club” that had been at the bottom (7th place) for two consecutive seasons, chose Wright Yasmin Bedart. Yasmin is a player who played for Hyundai E&C in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons. He is recognized as a player who has strength, height and quickness. Hyundai E&C won 15 consecutive wins last season, but after Yasmin left due to a back injury, the power dropped sharply and gave Heungkuk Life Insurance first place in the regular league. It was the part where Yasmin’s impact on his power could be gauged.

Pepper Savings Bank increased its offensive power this offseason by recruiting national left player Park Jung-ah, who was evaluated as the best free agent, along with Kim Yeon-kyung. 1st overall in the 2022 rookie draft and the tallest player in Korea (1m95cm) middle blocker (center) Yeom Eorheung is also expected to return to the next season after completing rehabilitation treatment for right knee surgery. Yasmin, whose skills have been proven, joined here. The left, right, and center all improved their power.

In the ensuing draft, KGC Ginseng Corporation nominated left Giovanna Milana. As a player who played in the Italian league last season, he was evaluated as the player with the best ball-defense balance among the players who participated in this tryout. Hyundai E&C nominated MoMA Basoko, who ranked first in the league in scoring in the 2021-22 season as a member of GS Caltex. GS Caltex, who received the 6th pick, chose Gisele Silva, and Korea Expressway Corporation chose Banya Bukirich.

In the men’s division, there was only one player who had no experience playing in the V-League, Maei Kok (Woori Card), but in the women’s division, four ‘new faces’ appeared.

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