I’m never playing for Man Utd again!…Greenwood is totally done with Man Utd

The relationship between Mason Greenwood and Manchester United is completely over .

He was once England’s greatest talent.ㅋㅋㅋ벳 Greenwood, who has grown step by step from youth through age groups, has revealed his value as a franchise star after making his adult stage debut in the 2018-19 season. Man Utd had a lot of trouble forming the attacking team, but the appearance of Greenwood made it even easier.

He actually established himself from a young age. In the 2019-20 season, he played 49 matches, including cup competitions, and scored 10 goals, announcing the emergence of the ‘next ace’. As he was young, he had a lot of areas to develop, but he had plenty of potential for improvement.

In the meantime, an unfortunate incident occurred. In October of last year, Harriet Robson, his ex-girlfriend, revealed that he had been sexually assaulted by Greenwood in the past. The incident led to Greenwood being investigated by the police, and he was expelled from his position as a player. Local media also revealed that Greenwood’s career as a player was over.

After a long legal battle, all of this was recently found to be ‘not guilty’. All charges against him were dropped and his prosecution suspended.

Greenwood, who had been completely cleared, wanted his player back. He made returning to Manchester United his top priority. As a result, he contacted the club several times and tried to take a step-by-step return process.

However, his chances of returning are low. The United women’s team is completely against Greenwood’s return, and the club is also taking a cautious stance. The whole situation is going against him, with fans also reacting negatively to Greenwood’s return.

In the end, Greenwood gave up on returning to Manchester United. British media ‘The Sun’ said, “Greenwood told his friend he will never play for Manchester United again.”

“Greenwood thinks his Manchester United career is over. He is very frustrated. He wants to play football again, but he knows his situation is very complicated. So, even if he resumes his playing career, he will not wear a United shirt. did,” he added.

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