“I’m here to win”… ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods returns to the field after 7 months

Tiger Woods, the emperor of golf, is looking at the highest place. After the car accident, there were even rumors that his skills had rusted, but he did not get frustrated and took on a brilliant revival again. 메이저사이트

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


<The 150th ‘The Open’ | St Andrews Old Course, Scotland >

The ball hit against the wind cannot cross the creek, and the hole cup is right in front of you, but the putt misses.

The course had lifted two trophies out of the three championships of The Open, but expectations had to be abandoned early, and fans paid their respects to the golf emperor with applause and shouts at the final hole.

Woods couldn’t hide his tears.

As it was the result of not being able to completely wash away the aftereffects of his injury, speculation came out of tears that predicted his ‘retirement’.

However, it was not the right time yet, and I kept my promise by participating in the regular tournament 7 months after The Open.

[Tiger Woods/PGA Tour Pro Golfer: I have no intention of acting as an ambassador and just enjoying the tournament. It’s not in my DNA. I’m here to win.]

The Riviera Golf Course, where the tournament is held, was the first place where Woods, 16, was invited to the PGA Tour in 1992 to play.

With 82 wins in his career, Woods is tied for the most wins.

The grand journey will unfold the day after tomorrow (the 17th), whether it will be revived splendidly in a special competition in which 19 players within the top 20 in the world rankings will participate.

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