‘I shot 96.9 billion won after watching 4 games’ MIN signs a 4-year contract with Lopez

The Minnesota Twins, who lead the American League Central District, have signed an extension contract after four games with the starting pitcher who gave up the batting average and brought it.

American sports스포츠토토 channel ESPN reported on the 18th (Korean time) that Minnesota and Pablo Lopez (27) have agreed to a 4-year contract worth 73.5 million dollars.

This is a contract that includes up to the second year of free agency. Lopez was initially able to enter the free agent (FA) market after the 2024 season. In other words, a 2-year annual salary adjustment + 2-year FA contract.

As a result, Lopez will receive an annual average of about $18.37 million and wear a Minnesota uniform until the 2027 season. He will be 31 years old when he becomes a free agent again.

Minnesota picked up Lopez from the Miami Marlins ahead of this season. Luis Araez, who ranked first in batting average last year, was the master.

After that, Lopez posted a 1.73 ERA in four games and immediately signed a four-year contract with Minnesota. Lopez seems to have taken a liking to Minnesota.

Minnesota is currently ranked #1 in the district. What Minnesota wants from Lopez is 30 or more starts and an ERA in the 2-point range.

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