I dreamed of a future one-two punch with Ryu Hyun-jin… Resurrection of a 27-year-old glass body prospect? ‘160km Fakpak’

There was a fastball promising pitcher who dreamed of a one-two punch in the future with Ryu Hyun-jin. However, by the time he turned 27, he hadn’t shown much of a figure.

This is Nate Pearson 메이저사이트(27, Toronto Blue Jays). Pearson was a top prospect at the time, being drafted in the first round in 2017. When Toronto recruited Ryu Hyun-jin in the 2019-2020 free agent market, Pearson also expected that he would learn Ryu’s strengths and become the best ace in the future. The real Pearson was considered a future ace for a while after he joined.

However, Pearson hasn’t shown much form since his 2020 major league debut. His injuries were too frequent. When he got on the mound, he struggled with his chronic ups and downs. I couldn’t take a step forward from a promising player who lightly sprayed 160 km.

In the meantime, Alec Manoa, another prospect who joined the team two years later than Pearson, became the team’s ace and finished third in the Cy Young vote. Although Manoa has been stagnant this season, the difference between the two in the team is sky-high.

Pearson went 1-1 in 12 games in the 2021 season with an ERA of 4.20, and in 2022 he did not step on the major league mound at all. Then, on the 26th (hereafter Korean time), in a home game against the Chicago White Sox held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he took the mound as the second pitcher after starting pitcher Jose Berrios, striking out one inning and allowing no runs.

On October 4, 2021, against the Baltimore Orioles, it was his first appearance in 19 months after 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 strikeout, 1 walk, and no runs. In the top of the 8th inning, the lead was 7-0. He showed off his signature fastball by throwing a 98.4 mph four-seam to lead hitter Alvis Andrews. However, as the 97.6-mile four-seam turned into a dune, he got off to a shaky start.

Still, it didn’t shake anymore after that. Romi Gonzalez induced a grounder from third baseman with a 97 mph four-seam with a full count. It was a mismatch in the middle, but luck followed. He continued to strike out first baseman Lewis Robert Jr. with a 98.5 mile four-seam, looking for Andrew Benintendi with a 4-pitch curveball in 2S. The three-pitch four-seam he used against Benintendi was 99.6 miles (160.3 km).

To say he is a promising player, he is already 27 years old, which is not a small age. It is a desperate 2023 season for Pearson.

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