I am relieved to have Kim Min-jae… “KIM? What a fantastic person”

Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret called Kim Min-jae a fantastic person.

Meret is a player who silently does his job in Napoli’s rear. In Napoli, which is on the rise this season and is getting closer to winning the Italian Serie A, victor Osimen, Hvitza Kvarachhelia, Stanislaw Lovtka, and Kim Min-jae are notable players. Meret doesn’t have a lot of spotlight on him, but Meret is a player who consistently plays his part and keeps Napoli’s back. Meret maintained a zero-point concession rate in the first half of the league, and even now, he concedes less than one goal per game based on league standards.

It became famous among domestic fans by posting a brick emoticon along with a picture of Kim Min-jae on social media at the beginning of the season. Meret praised the skills of Kim Min-jae, who is showing off solid defense this season. It is natural to think this way when you see Kim Min-jae guarding the goal in the last room. 바카라사이트

Meret recently conducted an interview on ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’, Naples’ official radio channel. First of all, Meret said of the match against Cremonese at home on the 13th (Korean time), “We have an advantage over the opponent, but we are preparing for every match as we have from the beginning of the season. We are focusing on the Cremonese match, “I want to get revenge because I lost to Cremonese in the Coppa Italia.”

He also opened up about Napoli’s clean sheet record. Napoli have kept the least points conceded in the league this season, with 11 clean sheets in 11 matches.

Meret gave all the credit to his teammates. “A goalless record is a team effort, and it starts at the front. We try to keep our opponents away from scoring as much as possible. Coach Luciano Spalletti attaches great importance to this and gives us a great sense of security,” he said. did.

There was also a story about Kim Min-jae. Meret is a goalkeeper, so he has a lot of things to talk about with Kim Min-jae and the defense team. Among them, he was asked how he communicated with Kim Min-jae, a Korean.

Meret said, “Minjae Kim speaks a little bit of Italian, but when we need to talk, we communicate in English. We understand each other well, and Minjae Kim knows Italian on the pitch, so we don’t need a lot of words between us.” replied.

Next, Meret praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Kim Min-jae is a fantastic person. He is showing great performance in the league.”

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