Hwang Min-kyung wearing an IBK uniform “Decision to transfer with sincerity to share the future”

What moved Hwang Min-gyeong (33), a former national team player, was driven by the clear vision and sincerity presented by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea head coach Kim Ho-cheol.

Industrial Bank of Korea recruited Hwang Min-kyung for a total of 450 million won (annual salary of 320 million won, an option of 130 million won) in this free agent (FA) market.

Industrial Bank of Korea,온라인카지노 who spent the last two seasons with Santana (registered name Santana) outside hitter. In the 2023-24 season, Hwang Min-kyung’s recruitment was a necessary task because the plan was to select a foreign player as an apositive spiker.

Hwang Min-kyung is not tall, but stable receiving and defense are considered her strengths. He also had a sharp serve here. If Shin Yeon-kyung and libero Shin Yeon-kyung are in charge of the rear of the team, the fast volleyball pursued by IBK is expected to gain momentum.

Hwang Min-kyung, who played for Hyundai E&C for six seasons and was also active as a captain, eventually chose to transfer to IBK’s active courtship.

Hwang Min-kyung said in a phone call with ‘Inews 24’ on the 22nd, “(Transferring) was not an easy choice. Still, IBK thought well of me, so I decided to work together.”

Director Kim Ho-cheol’s words had a great influence on Hwang Min-kyung’s decision to stay or transfer.

Hwang Min-kyung said, “When I met Industrial Bank of Korea, I felt that I was needed.” “Especially, the director directly called me and said, ‘I want you to be with our team dreaming of a better future.’ “I think we can achieve results. Let’s achieve results together.”

A fresh start in an unfamiliar place. In the midst of this, the existence of Pyo Seung-ju, who is in the same position, is a great strength to Hwang Min-kyung.

Hwang Min-kyung and Pyo Seung-joo have lived together at Korea Expressway Corporation and GS Caltex. And we met again at IBK. She also worked together in the national team.

Hwang Min-kyung said, “I’ve been with (Table) Seung-ju for a long time. I think the IBK member composition, including Seung-ju, is overall good.” I think I have to show my performance,” he promised.

Kim Su-ji, who played an active role as the main middle blocker until last season, signed a free agency contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance and left the team, and Hwang Min-kyung, who newly joined the team, became the oldest player.

Hwang Min-kyung, who will join the team a week later, said, “I want to approach the young players in a friendly way so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

IBK is rumored to have the most intense training among the seven women’s clubs.

Coach Kim has a volleyball philosophy that if you are a professional player, you must have basic physical strength and skills suitable for a professional, so he encourages players by emphasizing the importance of training.

Hwang Min-kyung rather welcomed it. He said, “I heard that training is difficult, but I am not worried about that part at all. If there is something the coach wants, I will try to match it as much as possible.” I heard you talked to him. I will win with my skills,” he smiled.

Although Hwang Min-kyung is dreaming of a new leap forward at Industrial Bank of Korea, which recognized her value, she did not forget to express her gratitude to the team and fans for believing in herself and supporting her.

Hwang Min-kyung said, “I was able to play volleyball happily and happily while working at Hyundai E&C for 6 years. Fans still say that they support my choice.” Thank you,” he said.

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