Hwang In-soo vs Myeong-hyeon-man, billions of fight money… Unlimited Tournament Possibilities

Unlimited tournament possibilities, ‘Road FC Middleweight Champion’ Hwang In-soo (29, FREE) and ‘standing champion’ Myung Hyeon-man (38, Myeong-hyeonman Multi Gym)’s fight money has risen to the surface.

On the 14th, Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong revealed the rules and fight money of Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyun-man at Goobne ROAD FC 063 held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th on his personal YouTube channel, Gao Hyung Life.

Prior to the match between Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyeon-man, Chairman Jung Mun-hong mentioned the match between ‘monster wrestler’ Shim Geon-oh (34, Kim Dae-hwan MMA) and ‘Double G FC’s first heavyweight champion’ Kim Myung-hwan (26, Extreme Combat/Double G FC). It became an issue when Kim Myung-hwan expressed his intention, saying, “I want the winner of this match to play against a fighter who won between Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyeon.”

Regarding this, Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “It seems that Kim Myung-hwan gave a good item. Kim Myung-hwan, Kim Tae-in, and Myung Hyeon-man, there are plenty of heavyweight fighters, so there are enough ROAD FC players besides the four fighters Kim Myung-hwan mentioned,” he said. He left the possibility open, saying, “I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have a strong tournament.”

Then, “For example, how about tying it up once with unlimited weight over 84kg. In fact, among Korean players, those with a match weight of 84kg weigh just over 100kg on average. Since there are not many players over 100kg in Asia, it is safe to say that those over 84kg and light heavy (93kg) are heavyweights.”

The main event of Goobne ROAD FC 063, the match between Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyun-man, will be held under kickboxing rules, and will be extended to 3 rounds of 4 minutes. Since various factors had to be considered, the Road FC side paid close attention to the game rules.

“There is also a difference in weight class, so the knee kick is limited to once. It is not possible to hit once per round, but when caught, it is impossible to hit more than once in a row. And no elbows. The reason why there is no elbow is that each country has a broadcasting review, and in Korea, these parts cannot be completely free apart from politicians in the sports field,” Chairman Jung Moon-hong explained about the rules. 먹튀검증

The match between Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyun-man is a big match, and many martial arts fans have a lot of questions about the fight money of the two fighters.

“The contract was also made special. There are suggestions from the sponsors of the two players to the ambassadors’ meeting. I can’t tell you more about this proposal because we signed a contract to keep secret promises to each other,” he said. There are things provided by the rest of the tournament companies,” Chairman Jeong Moon-hong revealed the fight money of the two fighters.

In addition, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “There are things that are not money, but for example, advertising space or some other area that can be returned to income. If you organize those parts, more than 6,000 is the ability of the two players. So, there will be players who exceed 100 million, and there will be players who fall out of 100 million,” he conveyed his honest thoughts.

The match between Yang Ji-yong (26, Jeju Team Ducking) and Koki Hirasawa (25, FREE) was confirmed as the co-main event match of Goobne ROAD FC 063. Attention is focusing on whether Yang Ji-yong, who is currently on a six-game winning streak, will be able to secure a seed for the 2023 tournament.

“From June, the -63kg bantamweight tournament and the -70kg lightweight tournament will be held. It’s not just Korean players participating, eight players are participating. Four players are Korean players, and four players are Japanese, American, and so on. The players who will be seeded are Kim Soo-cheol and Mun Mun-hoon,” said President Chung Moon-hong about the tournament.

“There are two players left. If Yang Ji-yong wins, I think he can get this third seed. In that case, only one Korean player will remain. The same goes for lightweight. Among the four players, we promised to give seeds to Park Si-won and Park Hae-jin if they said they would play, so two seeds remain. These two will host a program called ‘Scouter’ in Gao’s Life.”

Goobne ROAD FC 063, where the big match unfolds, starts at 4:00 pm on the 25th and will be broadcast live on SPOTV. The online live broadcast can be watched on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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