Hwang Dong-jae, from the first nomination, returns home on the 14th due to elbow pain… 5 New phase of competition for selection?

Pitcher Hwang Dong-jae, who was nominated for the first round of the Samsung Lions, returns home early. 

Hwang Dong-jae is scheduled to board the return flight on the 14th. He felt a slight pain in his right elbow and made the decision to protect his players. This is because at this point, when the actual game begins, he has no meaning to stay if he cannot play.  

He got on the mound 16 times, including his first win against Daegu NC on May 5 last year, and recorded 1 win and 3 losses (average ERA of 7.06).  먹튀검증

He sweated hard at the finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan to avoid repeating the disappointment of last year.

After undergoing training that was so intense that it was called ‘hell training’, he said, “I got stronger mentally through a lot of training. It was difficult, but I felt that I could do this much.”  I don’t want to build it. I want to show that I am different from last year. I will sweat hard at the camp. 

” Four players – Jang Pil-jun, Yang Chang-seop, Hwang Dong-jae, and Heo Yun-dong – competed for the starting spot, but Hwang Dong-jae withdrew from the power and narrowed it down to 3. After returning to Korea, Hwang Dong-jae plans to join the rehabilitation team after a detailed examination. 

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