Hunter Green extends 5-year, $53 million contract with Cincinnati

Right-hander Hunter Green (24) has agreed to a multi-year contract with his team, the Cincinnati Reds.

The Reds announced on the 19th (Korean time) that they had agreed to a six-year contract extension with Green under the name of Nick Kroll, vice president of baseball operations.

The size of the contract is a total of 53 million dollars (69.9 billion won) from 2023 to 2028. A $21 million team option for the 2029 season is included, and the buyout is $2 million.

According to John Heyman, 메이저놀이터a major league reporter for The New York Post, the 2028 season salary and the 2029 season option include an increase clause, so the structure can increase up to $91.2 million.

With this contract, Green replaced the remaining salary adjustments and delayed his free agency qualification by one year. If the option runs out, he will be on the free agency market at the age of 29.

This contract is the second largest ever contract for a pitcher in the first year of service time, and it was recorded as the largest contract given to a player before obtaining salary adjustment qualifications in the history of the Reds club.

The second overall pick in the 2017 draft, Green made his big league debut last year. He is 5-13 with a 4.42 ERA over 142 2/3 innings in 28 games over two years.

He relies heavily on two pitches, a four-seam fastball with an average velocity of 99.2 mph and a slider that averages 88.4 mph, but he has a 1.248 WHIP with 3.4 walks and 11.9 strikeouts per 9 innings.

This season, he started the season as the Opening Day starter. The Reds introduced him as the first player since 1980 to start the Opening Day under the age of 25.

The deal makes Green the first player in Cincinnati to be guaranteed a contract after the 2023 season. Cincinnati has team options for Joey Votto for the 2024 season, and mutually agreed options for Will Myers and Kurt Cassali.

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