How much better will Manchester United’s defense be if ‘Vidic st’ KIM comes…excited

‘How can Kim Min-jae improve Manchester United’s defense?’

While transfer rumors from big European clubs are pouring in for Kim Min-jae, the ‘iron pillar’ who led Napoli to win the league in 33 years, rumors of a transfer to Manchester United emerged throughout the weekend, including rumors of pre-negotiations and proposals for a huge salary package.

On the 14th (Korean time),토스카지노 Forbes magazine even picked up a headline, ‘How Kim Min-jae can improve Manchester United’s defense’. On the premise of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment, we predicted a change in the Manchester United defensive line.

The media said, “Man Utd is strongly linking manager Eric Tenhach and Kim Min-jae, who are seeking to strengthen the squad this summer.” However, we are aiming to recruit Kim Min-jae to strengthen our defense.”

‘Kim Min-jae was compared to former Manchester United center back Nemanja Vidic in terms of play,’ he said. ’26-year-old Kim Min-jae is rapidly growing as a key player in the defense of Napoli, the Serie A champion led by coach Luciano Spalletti this season based on his strong physical. There are few defenders who have performed better than Kim Min-jae this season.”

Forbes magazine said, “Of course, what Manchester United needs most in the summer transfer window is who will fill the number 9 spot that Ronaldo left.” I saw that I would invest capital power’. At the same time, the reinforcement of the defensive line was also expected to be done. ‘The recent injuries of Martinez and Baran showed how much Man Utd relied on this centre-back duo,’ he said. ‘Physically, Min-jae Kim will have no problems fulfilling the strong demands of the Premier League, and as a Korean national center back, he is a player strong enough to handle the ball enough to do what coach Tenhah wants in the rear build-up or development of offensive operations.’ Expected. He added, “Through the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, Manchester United will be able to prevent another power charge due to injury.”

Kim Min-jae was also pointed out as the successor to French national team center back Baran, who entered the 30th line. ‘The Manchester United club can also think of a successor to Baran, who is 30 years old. Baran’s quality is still there, but the best clubs don’t want their most important player to decline before they can find a replacement,’ he wrote. “Man United is at a critical juncture in the early days of Tenhach’s appointment. The foundations for success are clearly laid, but more quality is needed to make real progress at Old Trafford next season. And the recruitment of Kim Min-jae will fill a lot of parts,” he said, expressing his anticipation.

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