Have you seen ‘This Home Run’… Fly 138m and ‘bang’ on the signboard

Have you ever seen a home run like this? In the major leagues, an extraordinary home run followed, but today (29th) even pierced the billboard.

Kansas City Olivares’ batted ball stretched out and headed for the stands, and suddenly the light went out.

[Smoke is coming out of the display board. {Olivares burned down the billboard.}]

Kansas City, who had been trailing 1-2, tied the game with a ‘fire home run’ in the 8th inning, then won the game in the ninth inning with a blaze of fire.메이저놀이터

There is a super-large home run of 138m that hits the billboard, and there is also an ultra-small home run.

< Toronto 7:9 Minnesota|Major League (Yesterday) >

Minnesota’s defense jumps up to catch Castro’s ball, but it goes over the fence.

However, if you look at the slow screen, the ball that was supposed to fall inside the fence was hit by the glove and went outside.

The pitcher collapses on a two-run home run by the center fielder.

Thanks to the fence, I can sweep my chest down.

After getting hit by Washington Vargas, the Kansas City starter looks devastated.

The ball, thought to have gone over the outfielder, hits the fence and falls into the field.

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