Hasla, 3POINT, and Raon…Gangwon-do representative clubs 3×3 outing

Basketball clubs representing Gangwon-do went to the 3×3 court.

The 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon opened at the Hongcheon National Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do on the morning of the 4th. While KXO, which is running fast for the development of Korean 3×3, announced the start of the 2023 3×3 season, this tournament will cover the champions of each category across the U18 division, the men’s open division, and the KXO league.

Among them, a total of 12 teams participated in the men’s open division and were divided into 4 groups, and a large number of names familiar to sports basketball players participated and focused attention.

The protagonists are Hasla in Gangneung, 3POINT in Wonju, and Raon in Chuncheon. They have made a name for themselves in each region with their steady activities for a long time. It was an impressive team to show off their organizational skills with team members by diligently taking on challenges wherever sports for life basketball tournaments are held. 카지노

Those who could often meet on the 5v5 stage, this time they went on the 3×3 stage. In this tournament, Wonju 3POINT was in Group C along with Halsvana and Dokdo, while Gangneung Hasla and Chuncheon Raon were in Group D along with Yessi Health Center.

All three teams are fiercely engaged in the preliminary schedule that started in the morning, and as they have been playing basketball together for a long time, they are showing extraordinary teamwork and are challenging the finals.

In the situation where each of them played their first game, the current winning team is Gangneung Hasla. Gangneung Hasla, who faced Yessi Health Center for the first time, overcame the opponent’s pursuit and won 17-14 after a fierce battle.

Wonju 3POINT and Chuncheon Raon unfortunately failed to face Seungri in their first match. After giving a big lead to Halsvana, Wonju 3POINT showed a strong pursuit and saved the spark of hope, but in the end, they failed to reach the reversal and suffered a 13-16 defeat. Chuncheon Raon continued to lead like a thin ice sheet against Yesi Health Center, but allowed a tie at the end of the game and went to an extra game. In the overtime, where they had to score 2 points first, Chuncheon Raon took the loss by allowing a painful 2-point shot.

Afterwards, Chuncheon Raon lost 13-21 to Gangneung Hasla, and Hasla succeeded in advancing to the finals. Wonju 3POINT is in a situation where it is necessary to put all efforts into the final game against Dokdo. Indeed, attention is focusing on whether club teams representing Gangwon-do will be able to produce satisfactory results in the 3×3 outing.

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