Happy to win the World Cup? Spanish federation chief apologizes after surprise kiss on female player

No matter how happy you are, there is a line to be drawn.

On the 21st, Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales apologized for his behavior during the World Cup final ceremony, ESPN and other international media reported.

In a video, Rubiales said, 온라인카지노“It was definitely my mistake. I have to accept it. It was an emotional situation and I had no bad intentions. It happened anyway,” he said, apologizing for his behavior.

Spanish Football Federation president Rubiales hugs a player during the World Cup awards ceremony. Photo: AFPBBNews = News1
He made the surprise move by grabbing Spain international Jenny Hermoso by the hair and kissing her on the mouth during a ceremony after Spain beat England 1-0 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final on Sunday to clinch the title.

His sudden behavior was widely criticized.

Even Spanish government officials weighed in. “We are living in a time of equality, rights, and respect for women,” said Spanish Minister of Culture Miguel Iseta. We have to be careful with our attitudes and actions,” he said, calling his behavior “unacceptable.”

Rubiales added: “It was a very natural and normal thing for us to do, but from the outside, some people are uncomfortable, so he should apologize. There is no other alternative. I have learned from this and I have learned that as the head of an organization, I have to be careful with my behavior.”

Hermoso, who received the unexpected kiss, told local media that it was “a spontaneous and mutual gesture that came out of the great joy of winning the World Cup.”

“The president and I have a good relationship,” said Hermoso, who is the top scorer for the Spanish women’s national team with 51 goals, adding that the kiss was a “natural gesture.”

The Spanish federation president’s kiss was highlighted by the team’s troubled history.

The Spanish women’s national team was hit with a measles epidemic last October after 15 players demanded that their coach, Jorge Bilda, be fired because his methods were creating a “harmful culture.

The Spanish soccer federation backed the coach in the process, and only three of the 15 players were included in this year’s World Cup. During the tournament, a substitute was even caught on camera swatting away Bilda’s hand when he asked for a handshake.

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