Ha-seong Kim who completed the modification of the batting form… “I feel confident”

Kim Ha-seong, who is in his 3rd year in the big leagues, is preparing for the new season with the World Baseball Classic next month. I am full of confidence after fully mastering the batting form I started changing last year.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min met in the US.


Kim Ha-seong was under a lot of stress during his first year of big league debut.

He abandoned the ‘leg kick’ of his left leg, which he used to do in Korea, at the direction of his San Diego coach, and he only felt confused. 먹튀검증

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder: (hitting coach) ‘If you play as you do in Korea, it will be difficult to hit the ball over 155 km/h.’ We talked a lot about batting form correction. I hit it like this one day, hit it like this one day, and it was broken there.]

A year ago, I found a solution after meeting coach Choi Won-je, who is active as a personal coach in LA.

He re-equipped his old leg kick and shortened his stride in preparation to increase the center of gravity of his lower body, instead lowering his hands to make the bat come out more compactly.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder: I didn’t pay attention to my hands, and I minimized the movement so that it follows with the movement of the lower body.

As a result, Kim Ha-seong, who found hope last year with 130 hits and a double-digit home run, sweated hard all winter, and now feels that his new swing has been completely engraved into his body .

Kim Ha-seong, who is confidently preparing for the WBC, where he will have to play the role of a central hitter, is also looking forward to a head-to-head match with his teammate and Japanese ace, Darvish.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder: (Darvish) said that he knows everything about me. (Really?) I think it will be fun when Darvish throws and I am at bat.] This

is why I am curious about Kim Ha-seong’s season this year, whether he will achieve real success in the major leagues, with his changed batting form being recognized for his offensive ability.

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