Gyeongnam FC, “We are looking for a new manager”.. Received until the 24th

 The Gyeongnam Provincial Football Club (Gyeongnam FC) is conducting an open recruitment of a new leader.

Gyeongnam announced that it is recruiting a new leader to oversee the work of the business department until the 24th.

The qualification criteria set forth by Gyeongnam are 토토사이트▲Experts with professional insight and ability on city and provincial clubs ▲Those who have a degree in business or sports and have more than 3 years of experience as an executive in the related field ▲As an executive of a company or professional club A person with 3 or more years of experience ▲A person with 5 or more years of work experience in the state, local government, or sports-related organization ▲A person who is recognized as having qualifications or abilities equivalent to each subparagraph in relation to other duties.

Documents can be downloaded from the Gyeongnam FC official website, filled out, and submitted via e-mail to the club or in person. Those who pass the document screening will be notified on the 26th, the interview screening on the 28th, and the final successful applicants will be notified later. 

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