Goyang City Hall, ‘Weightlifting House’, is reborn as the strongest in the 2023 season

Goyang City Hall, a traditional ‘weightlifting house’, becomes stronger by reinforcing prospects for the 2023 season.

Goyang City Hall, led by coach Choi Jong-geun and coach Lee Se-won, was founded in 1987 and is a prestigious team that has produced numerous national team players such as Jang Mi-ran, Kim Ki-woong, Jeon Sang-seok, Ji Hoon-min, and Jeong Hyeon-seop. Yunseong Jin in the 102kg class continued his reputation by conquering various domestic and international competitions.

At the end of last year, two people left the team due to retirement and transfer, but Park Hye-jeong, the female +87kg national representative, and Park Hyeong-oh, the male 81kg, joined the team, and Cho Dae-hee, 89kg, transferred to build a stronger power.

Park Hye-jung, who appeared at the Asian Youth Championships while attending Ansan Seonbu Middle School, set a new youth world record, and then won three gold medals at both the World Junior Championships and the Asian Junior Championships last year while attending Ansan Technical High School, raising expectations as ‘Post Jang Mi-ran’. Medals are expected at this year’s Hangzhou Huaxian Games and the 2024 Paris Olympics.  안전놀이터

In addition, Park Hyeong-oh, who graduated from Korea National University of Physical Education, set a new Korean junior record in the Asian Games representative evaluation match, and is a promising heavyweight who won three gold medals at the Asian Junior Championships. Director Choi Jong-geun says that although Cho Dae-hee has some regrets about his skills, he has innate strength, so if he refines his skills, good performance is expected in the future.

In addition, Goyang City Hall is making 2023 the year of a new leap forward, with existing national representatives such as Shinnok, the strongest in the lightweight division, Park Joo-hyo and Jin Yun-seong, and Choi Han-joo in the 67kg class, Kang Seong-lim and Jeong Hee-jun in the 96kg class.

Meanwhile, 4 national team members, excluding Jin Yun-seong, are training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, while the rest of the players are sweating at Goyang Jangmiran Gymnasium, a dedicated training ground. They are concentrating on training with the goal of the Asian Games 1st round selection to be held at the end of March and the Asian Championships in May. I went to Taiwan for three weeks from the 5th to the 26th of last month for field training.

Coach Lee Se-won said, “There are so many domestic and international competitions this year, and I will do my best so that the players can compete in many competitions without injury and achieve good results. As long as the players are in good condition, we will produce a lot of players who will participate in the Asian Games to win medals.”

He continued, “The training system is well established, so there is no difficulty in training.” It is burdensome to continue the losing streak, but I will try not to break the winning streak.”

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