‘Finding the lost redemption’… 135km → 149km in two months, how did this happen?

A surprising change occurred in two months. The top speed has risen from 135 km/h to 149 km/h. This is the story of SSG Landers left-hander Jeong Seong-gon.메이저놀이터

Jung Sung-gon wore the KT Wiz uniform with the 14th overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2015 KBO Rookie Draft. He played an active part at KT until the 2019 season, and after completing military service at Sangmu, he moved to SSG through a trade for the 2022 season.

Jung Sung-gon played in just two games last season, recording an average ERA of 10.13 with 2⅔ innings, 3 runs (3 ERA), 1 hit (1 home run), 4 walks and 3 strikeouts. The average velocity of his four-seam fastball was only 135 km/h. He was different from the way he threw the ball in the mid-140s during KT.

Jeong Seong-gon has pitched in three games in the Futures League this season. Against the Hanwha Eagles on April 15 was his last appearance. After that, he chose to change. It was to find and improve problems through the biomechanics program that SSG introduced in earnest from last year.

At first, Jeong Seong-gon also had anxiety. He said, “When I started, I had concerns rather than antipathy. I think I was a bit afraid of changing.”

A word from Future Steam coach Kim Dong-ho had a big impact on persuading Jung Sung-gon. Jeong Seong-gon said, “The coach said, ‘I can still go to the game and commit a tripartite offense and not lose a run, but what’s the use of doing that in a situation where I can’t throw the ball? It seems that he tried to change the words.”

There were definitely problems with Jeong Seong-gon as seen through the biomechanics program. Jung Sung-gon’s physical ability was very good. But he couldn’t transfer that power to the ball 100%. When he continued his pitching action, there was a record of his elbow losing strength. Afterwards, he modified his pitching motion and repeatedly measured his record.

Jung Sung-gon showed the effect of biomechanics. On April 20, Jung Sung-gon’s highest speed was 135 km/h. However, on June 15, he threw a fast ball of 149 km / h in live pitching. Of course, practice and practice are different. It remains to be seen if he will throw a fast ball up to 149 km / h in real life. However, it is clear that his restraint has increased.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “I don’t believe 149km/h 100%. However, even mid-140km/h during the game is a huge success for Seong-gon. When the restraint comes out, the pitcher gains confidence,” he said. told

Jeong Seong-gon will start pitching in the Futures home game from the last week of June. He said, “I want to throw it quickly. It’s not about showing others how I’ve changed. I want to evaluate myself and confirm it.”

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