FC Barcelona ‘stomach bug’ cancels friendly with Juventus… US tour in ruins

Spanish professional football club FC Barcelona has cancelled its pre-season friendly against Juventus (Italy) on the same day after a group of players complained of abdominal pain.

Barcelona announced on its website that it had cancelled the friendly against Juventus, which was scheduled to kick off at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, USA, on 22 September.카지노사이트

“A large part of the squad has contracted viral gastroenteritis,” Barcelona explained.

Juventus has reportedly decided to hold an open training session at the Levi’s Stadium instead of the match.

The match was scheduled to take place as part of the Soccer Champions Tour in the western United States, featuring six of European football’s biggest clubs.

Barcelona was scheduled to play four matches against Juventus in the first leg of the tour, followed by Arsenal (England), Real Madrid (Spain), and AC Milan (Italy).

However, after players were struck down with stomach pains, it is now doubtful that the next game will be played.

Barcelona president Juan Laporta said: “I hope the players recover as quickly as possible. It’s a very difficult situation for the players, the club and the fans.”

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