‘Executive Enlistment’ Park Jin-cheol to Jo Han-jin “Do you really not eat cola?”

 Park Jin-cheol and Cho Han-jin shared a cola.

Goyang Day One Park Jin-cheol and Jo Han-jin enlisted on the afternoon of the 15th through the Nonsan Army Training Center enlistment screening team. The two, who became motives for enlistment following the same team, will be discharged on November 14, 2024 after completing military service for 18 months from the 15th with 6 other motives.

Park Jin-cheol appeared with a yellow non-woven shopping bag instead of a nice bag. Park Jin-cheol said, “I brought a bag that was easy to throw away. I don’t feel anything right now. I will go and work out hard and come back.”

Park Jin-cheol,메이저놀이터 who is close to senior Lee Yoon-gi, said, “(Lee) Yoon-gi made fun of me for coming in as the successor. He replied that even if it was only until the 14th, it was a civilian, so it should not be done to a civilian. Since we’re close, I wonder if they’ll tease me more when I go in. On the one hand, I feel comfortable,” he said.

Park Jin-cheol enlists with his teammate Cho Han-jin. Park Jin-cheol said, “(Cho) Han-jin and I promised to take good care of each other. We plan to help you make up for the shortcomings. I decided to teach weight training, and Han Jin-i taught me how to shoot.”

Jo Han-jin said, “It’s really nice to have comrades. Still, it’s hard because something unimaginable happened. After the season, I ate delicious food and went on a trip. Still, it is not enough,” he said.

During Jo Han-jin’s interview, Park Jin-cheol brought a cola and asked, “Do you want to drink?” When Jo Han-jin replied, “I won’t drink,” people around him said that he would regret it. Unlike society, Coke is precious in a training center where there are many restrictions. Jo Han-jin said, “Then I should eat it” and took a sip of cola.

Han Ho-bin, Kim Jin-yu, and Jeon Seong-hwan visited the enlistment screening table to see off Jo Han-jin and Park Jin-cheol’s enlistment. Jo Han-jin said, “Thank you so much for coming. It looks like I came here to tease you, but it feels good. I didn’t pass on honey tips, and I told them not to get hurt and come back.”

Then, to the fans, “It is all thanks to the fans that the team has achieved more than expected this season. I will come back as a stronger man.”

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