Establishment of Daedeok University baseball team for the first time in Daejeon

Daejeon also has a college baseball team.

Daedeok University was the first university in the Daejeon area to establish a college baseball team,

with the goal of advancing to the round of 16 this year.

This is reporter Lee Yong-soon.


Daedeok University established a baseball team for the first time among universities in the Daejeon area.

The baseball team was launched with 26 players and 4 coaching staff from Hanwha Eagles. [ Soundbite

] Lee Jae-yeol/Daedeok University Deputy President : “We want to make our name known as a sports-specialized university by having a university baseball team and contribute to the development of baseball in Daejeon.”

It’s because the schedule to participate in the competition has been set. 먹튀검증

This year’s goal is to advance to the round of 16, and from the first year of its founding, it has secured as many as 11 pitchers, putting a priority on entering the middle ranks. [ Soundbite

] Ha Heon-geun/Daedeok University Baseball Club Pitcher : “My goal is to train my muscles hard, build up my body, and make sure that I can run at 148 km/h and be nominated by a (professional team).”

plan to write [Soundbite] Jeon Dae-yeong/Daedeok University Baseball Team Coach: “They are players who came in with clear goals, so as a leader, I will clearly show my best efforts for the players.”]

All four coaching staff members have worked together at Hanwha Eagles, so they are united with the determination to rewrite the baseball history of Daejeon.

Founded 11 years prior to the baseball team, the Daeduk University women’s soccer team has grown into the most prestigious team in the country, with 7 graduates joining the unemployment team this year, setting a good example for the latecomer male baseball team.

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