“Do you have to roll for a long time to work hard?” A question to ask about ‘when I was’ [K-baseball stereotype.

 The ‘right to exercise’ is a controversial topic that has been steadily appearing in the amateur baseball world recently. It means that there is no time for training because not only students preparing for university entrance but also athletes are forced to take classes.

At least there are baseball players who make the same claim even after the baseball team’s poor results in the WBC. However, if you think about it a bit, you can see that the reduction in training time has nothing to do with the slump in international competitions such as the WBC.

The average age of the WBC national team 먹튀검증is 29.4 years old, and the vast majority of them played baseball under adults who cried out that ‘you have to increase your training time to improve your skills’. Training was done according to training, but players ruined the international competition due to lack of training time? It’s an emotional appeal, not a rational opinion.

It is the same as saying that training time should be increased when considering the future of Korean baseball. It is true that ‘kids these days’ have less time to play baseball because they are attending school. However, it is unreasonable to say that this generation of student athletes lack skills because they have not been able to train.

The ‘KBO version of the redemption revolution’, which has been showing signs for the past one or two years, is being led by players who were special from the time they joined, such as Hanwha Moon Dong-ju, rather than those who raised their redemption in the pros. Skills are improving even in the current system, so why should I go back to the past?

▶ “Does it work hard only if you roll for a long time?”

The Seoul High School baseball team has consistently sent many players to the pros. Over the past three years, there have been as many as four players in the first round nomination (Ahn Jae-seok, Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jae-hyun) and the first round draft nomination (Kim Seo-hyun). There are some people who do not like the results of the tournament, but the skills of the players have been proven as a result of being nominated as a professional. However, Seoul High School’s reputation does not come from the amount of training.

Head coach Yoo Jung-min, who took office as Seoul High School coach in 2015, said, “The saying that you have to train hard for a long time is the only ‘standard of hard work’ they think. said it emphatically.

As it turns out, coach Jung-Min Yoo also used this type of guidance. He said, “When I supervised elementary school, I put a lot of emphasis on basic skills and trained a lot. But after realizing that it was my fault, I became a 180 degree different person. It’s because he didn’t do it himself, he just did what he was told to do. If the coach changes and the teaching method changes, you lose your sense of self again and can’t find it.”

Also, “I think a lot about how to grow is eventually training. Baseball is by no means a sport made up of only functional mechanisms. I think it’s talk,” he said.

Director Yoo Jung-min continued talking. “If your skills increase by doing group training for a long time, wouldn’t the US do the same? Didn’t the US first create the current method through trial and error? There are proven results, but there is an atmosphere that goes backwards.”

“Exercising in a light state in good condition produces good skills, but what if the body is heavy and tired from training? Motivation is more important than that. You have to motivate the athlete to concentrate and train hard. “

It’s not that players now only train for 1-2 hours a day. Director Yoo Jung-min said, “A few years ago, it started at 1:00 and ended around 9:00. Now it’s about 4-5 hours.” If this is not enough, isn’t it because the conditions to use the given time effectively have not been created? Or it was a lack of effort to rethink efficiency, or it wasn’t even thought of that way.

▶ How to look at the baseball academy’s ‘Lesson Center’

Now, even student players receive private education. There are not a few student players who learn baseball at a separate cost at a baseball school called a ‘lesson center’ or ‘academy’. Coach K, who runs the academy in Gangnam-gu, explained, “In my case, about 70% of my students are high school students.”

Although private lessons have become commonplace, there are many baseball players who do not like it. First, it costs a lot of money. It is a double high school for parents because they have to spend money on both the baseball team and the academy. On the one hand, there are leaders who have issued an ‘academy ban’ saying that they teach a method that contradicts the baseball theory learned at school.

However, it is necessary to accept the reality if it is not possible to block players from entering the academy, as in the case of the private tutoring ban law. The fact that players receive private education because they want it means that they have a need that the school baseball club cannot satisfy. Academy is the consumer’s choice in this market. The academy’s success should be a stimulus to amateur baseball leaders, but now they only think about control.

Coach A, who runs an academy in Seoul, said, “I know that schools look at you badly. I think it might be an influence,” he said.

Coach K said, “There are quite a few cases where schools don’t let you go (to lessons). I’ve heard that if you get caught, you won’t be able to play. The academy is not all right. There are also cases where amateur players who are still inexperienced are only planting dreams. There is. Both the school and the academy should acknowledge each other’s problems and make concessions.” Coach Lee said that the cost burden could be reduced with small group lessons in the form of ‘joint purchase’.

The first step is to understand why players come to the academy. Coach K recalled a past experience where special hits were better than group training. He said, “It’s not that I don’t have time to train, but I have to go for efficiency in a short period of time.” If I say yes, I only have about 20 minutes of my time.” His argument is that the current baseball academy is the business that sells lost efficiency and lost time in group training.

Dissatisfaction with the coercive training method can also be a reason to visit the academy. Coach A said, “It is not only the coaches and coaches who are affected and responsible for the results. The players are also affected, but in Korea, if you do not unconditionally follow the guidance of adults, you may not be able to play, and in the past, you were beaten.” . Although beatings are a thing of the past, there are still bad habits that make the leaders notice.

Coach K said, “I think it is my responsibility to prevent trauma from occurring to the players. Among the senior coaches, there were many who used the method of ‘pecking’ the players. I release them. Only then can creativity and initiative arise.” did. Isn’t the success of the academy the result of those who gave up on development by stopping at stereotypes?

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