Defeat again… Helpless Hanwha Eagles.

After the first win, sweep
Moon Dong-ju’s strong pitching to SSG Landers was the only consolation last week
Last week’s results

Daegu Samsung Lions Park Hanwha 6-7 Samsung

6th Daegu Samsung Lions Park Hanwha 8-1 Samsung

7th Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park SSG 7-3 Hanwha

8 Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park SSG 7-5 Hanwha

9 Day Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park SSG 3-0 Hanwha

The Hanwha Eagles tasted defeat again. They are showing메이저사이트 lethargy from the beginning of the season, winning three consecutive losses only to SSG Landers.

Hanwha lost 3-0 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against SSG held at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 9th. After their first victory on the 6th, they fell into a 3-game losing streak and recorded 1 win and 6 losses, and are still at the bottom.

In this game, Hanwha scored a run from the first inning. In the situation where Choi Ji-hoon hit a double and Choi Joo-hwan reached base with a walk, Heredia hit a hit and showed off the first RBI. Even after that, Hanwha gave an additional point each in the 4th and 5th innings. Heredia, who went on base due to a pitcher’s error in the 4th inning, took advantage of the shortstop’s error when Seong-Han Park grounded through a stolen base and stepped on the home base. In the 5th inning, Choi Ji-hoon advanced to third base following a wild throw after a double, and Choi Jung’s subsequent hit allowed Hanwha to give up its third run.

On the other hand, Hanwha starting pitcher Felix Pena did not show much activity on this day with 3 runs in 5 innings (2 earned runs) after giving up 5 runs in 4 innings against Samsung. Kim Ki-joong blocked 2 innings, and Yoon Dae-kyung and Han Seung-hyeok blocked 1 perfect inning each, but the other line was tied to the mound of SSG and finished the game without scoring. Considering that McCarty, SSG’s starter, showed a struggling appearance by recording 3 runs in 4 innings during an exhibition game against Hanwha on the 20th of last month, Hanwha’s offensive power was disappointing.

Hanwha is disappointing fans with continuous losses other than this game. It’s already the 6th loss. We are looking at an uneasy start as well as bad news for injuries such as Lee Myung-gi and Birch Smith.

At least, it is comforting that in the match against Samsung on the 6th, Dong-ju Moon won an 8-1 victory with good pitching. The victory brought by pitcher Moon Dong-ju in his second year at Hanwha is Hanwha’s first victory of the season. Moon Dong-ju started at Daegu Samsung Lions Park that day and recorded 1 hit, 1 hit, 4 strikeouts and no runs in 5 innings. Moon Dong-ju made full use of curves (26), sliders (10), and changeups (3), centered on fastballs (31) with a maximum distance of 159 km and an average of 152 km. In particular, out of 31 fastballs thrown by Moon Dong-joo, the slowest ball was 151km, and he showed a fast and fierce fastball, and from the end of the 2nd to the end of the 5th inning, he finished the inning neatly and showed a relaxed appearance.

Moon Dong-ju was replaced by Lee Tae-yang at the start of the bottom of the 6th inning with a 5-0 lead. The number of pitches was 70 and the strike rate was 62.9%.

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