Dark Horse→National Runner-up’ Coach Seong-cheol Kim of Incheon Boys’ High School, “We challenged together while sacrificing”

After the game,토토사이트everyone collapsed. And shed tears. It was regretful that we couldn’t reach the top. But the players got up again and shouted “fighting.” On the 12th ,

Incheon Nam High School lost 0-1 to the prestigious Gyeongshin High School in the lower grade finals of the 2023 Geumseokbae National High School Football Tournament held in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do.

In this competition, both the lower and upper grades of Incheon Boys’ High School participated. However, the lower grades advanced to the final, which was the final stage. This was an

unexpected result. Incheon Boys’ High School met Ganghwa Sports Club in the semifinals and won 2 After recording a -2 draw, they advanced to the finals with a thrilling victory in a penalty shootout. The difference in power between Kyungshin High School and Kyungshin High School was clear. I didn’t back down. Even though my feet didn’t come off, I struggled and played the game. Although we lost, everyone shed tears of joy.

Incheon Nam High School coach Kim Seong-cheol showed a strong performance in the lower grades immediately after taking office. After the tournament, coach Kim said, “After taking over as coach, I tried to communicate with the players. From the winter training, I worked really hard to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Also, I tried to emphasize my strengths rather than my weaknesses, and I received encouragement and praise. We did a lot. As we worked hard to instill confidence in the players, we saw improvement. We are not completely satisfied yet, but our players worked really hard and showed a good performance.”

Regarding the junior team’s advancement to the finals, coach Kim said, “I didn’t expect it at all. He emphasized to the players, ‘Don’t think about the next game, let’s do our best without regret in each game.’ I believed that our players could do well if they were good at playing and using custom tactics in the game. Also, the support of the parents who worked hard for the lower grades was a great help.”

Incheon Boys’ High School made its name known to the high school football world again by reaching the finals of this tournament. In the meantime, I have not received relatively active support, and my grades have not met my expectations. Coach Kim Seong-cheol said, “It is true that there is a shortage. However, Park Jong-jin, the newly appointed principal last year, made a lot of effort externally. He worked really hard to raise the budget for the soccer department while attending the Office of Education and related organizations. They helped me to exercise in good conditions.”

He also explained, “All members of the school cheered for the soccer team. Although the elite high schools did not have a strong player base, we trusted each other and worked hard. We received a lot of love and improved our grades while working out.”

Coach Kim Seong-cheol, who had an unexpected success, said, “I always emphasize that teamwork is the top priority for the players. I am teaching them that they should shine together, not alone,” and added, “It looks easy, but it is really difficult. They are players. I will teach Incheon Boys High School players well so that they can become sacrificing players and students in the future.”

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