“Dae~Korea” 60,000 red waves filled with Sangambeol

Some 64,000 spectators filled the Sangam Stadium and played with the national team players in the cool spring night. Throughout the 90th minute and the 7th minute of extension, cheers continued, and sometimes sad sighs poured out.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok covered the cheering fever at Sangam Stadium.

Wearing red devil horns in a red uniform and taking a proof shot. 먹튀검증Let’s follow Heung-Min Son’s ‘Click Ceremony’.

Kwon Ryeong-min / Nam-gu, Ulsan
“I started yesterday from Ulsan.”

This fan supporting Lee Kang-in, who came out as a starter, wrote a letter in his sketchbook.

Park Ji-won / Gangseo-gu, Seoul
“I couldn’t control my love. I believe that Kang In-i is an attacking midfielder and will score a goal.”

Two hours before the match, the Sangam bee had no room to set foot.

As we met Uruguay, who failed to decide the match in the World Cup, after 4 months, the desire for victory is also desperate.

Cho Young-seo / Mapo-gu, Seoul
“I watched the game again for the 5th time. I am sure our players will win”

“It was a hot winter, we were all happy”, the Red Devils. It got hotter as the starting whistle blew.

I cheered for the players, and the players responded with fighting spirit. In an instant, cheering decibels approach 100.

Even on weekday evenings, all 60,000 seats at the Sangam World Cup Stadium were sold out, continuing the heat of the World Cup in Qatar.

When Hwang In-beom scored the equalizer, the stadium went into a frenzy. The hearts of soccer fans are heating up again.

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