Daegu International Marathon, prize money quadrupled… Exceed the world’s highest authority

 Based on the successful hosting of the ‘2023 Daegu International Marathon’, the city of Daegu announced on the 20th that it would hold the ‘2024 Daegu International Marathon’ as a more elevated event than the world’s most prestigious Boston Marathon. .

While holding the ‘2023 Daegu International Marathon Competition’ 먹튀검증on the 2nd, there were many voices that it was necessary to further enhance the status of this more than 20-year-old competition and to enhance the image and dignity of Daegu as a land city.

Reflecting the expectations and aspirations of citizens, the city of Daegu has decided to host the event starting in 2024, surpassing major competitions such as the world’s most prestigious Boston Marathon.

First of all, the size of the prize money has been raised to $160,000, a four-fold increase from the current $40,000 awarded to the top overseas elite player, so that all prize money from 1st to 10th will surpass the world’s highest level, Boston. It was organized so that the best and best geongak could participate.

In addition, the prize money for the first place winner in Korea will be increased from 5 million won to 20 million won, a four-fold increase, and the prize money for groups and leaders will be raised to the highest level in Korea, contributing to the development of Korean athletics through the improvement of athletes’ skills.

In particular, when comparing the world’s six major marathons in terms of total prize money, the world’s highest prize money was set at $885,538, exceeding the Boston Marathon’s $724,000 and the New York Marathon’s $572,000.

Apart from this, exceptional conditions were additionally presented, such as 100 million to 100,000 won for setting a new world record, 50 million to 100 million won for achieving a new Korean record, and 5,000 to 10,000 dollars for a new competition record.

In addition, it is the will of Daegu City to meet the needs of marathon enthusiasts by reviving the Masters full course, which was abolished in 2018, and to meet the conditions to acquire the platinum label, the highest label in marathon competitions.

The marathon course will also increase efficiency by unifying the elite loop course, which is currently limited to Jung-gu and Suseong-gu, and the masters course, which is dispersed in Seo-gu, Buk-gu, and Dong-gu.

In addition, in order for the image of the entire city to be known to the world, it is used as an opportunity to publicize the entirety of Daegu by running from the existing National Debt Compensation Memorial Park to a circulation course in the downtown area starting from Daegu Stadium.

The newly developed course will be confirmed by collecting opinions from citizens and experts, go through the Korean Association of Athletics Federations and apply for course accreditation to the World Association of Athletics Federations, and if it passes measurement and evaluation, it will be recognized as an IAAF official course.

In addition, it is determined that the size of the Masters participants will also be greatly expanded from 15,000 to more than 30,000 to contribute to solving the desire of the Masters participants for marathons.

The timing of the event is also planned to be held at the end of March or early April, taking into account not only the record breaking of elite players, but also whether or not the event overlaps with major competitions, the appropriateness of the temperature, and the preference of Masters club members and citizens.

In particular, as shown in the characteristics of this year’s competition, it is planning to differentiate itself from other competitions by preparing a unique event and publicity plan to attract participation of small running crews and young people to make it a lively and enjoyable competition.

Daegu City plans to comprehensively discuss this plan once again through an evaluation report for the 2023 Daegu International Marathon on April 25, and prepare for next year’s event by delicately refining the 2024 Daegu International Marathon.

Hong Joon-pyo, mayor of Daegu, said, “The 2024 Daegu International Marathon will be prepared with a prize money and participation scale that surpasses the world’s leading marathons such as Boston, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. said.

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