Curry, 10 Years with Green X Thompson “We are all special”

Stephen Curry (35, Golden State Warriors) looked back 안전놀이터 on the moments he had with Klay Thompson (33) and Draymond Green (33).

Curry appeared on NBC Bay Arena’s podcast “Dubs Talk” on the morning of the 14th (Korean time) where she talked about playing with her teammates over the years.

“The fact that we’re still playing on the same team says a lot,” Curry said, a rarity in the league.

“It’s only the San Antonio Spurs, the former Boston team, and the ‘Showtime’ Lakers that we’ve been with our teammates at such a high level for so long,” he said. In addition, he boasted of his teammates.

Curry emphasized that neither Green nor Thompson chose to leave. She talked about the direction she and each of them had developed.

“Green is a wonderful person,” Curry said. He leads us in the locker room and influences us well on the pitch. “Thompson is a consistent guy. His competitiveness, passion, and unique skills that no one else can have appear at the most important moment,” he said, saying that he had grown with him for 10 years.

Curry then said, “I’m trying to lead by example, and I’ve definitely grown in leadership.”

At the same time, Curry explained that the friendship he shared with Thompson and Green was beautiful, saying, “We have achieved a lot of growth, but we worry every day, ‘How can we continue to develop?’”

The three of them, who have been together since the 12-13 season when Draymond Green debuted, have been playing on the same team for 10 consecutive seasons. Together, the trio of dynasties dominated the NBA, winning a total of four championships and reaching the Finals seven times.

The three who qualified as defending champions this season have continued a fierce battle for ranking in the Western Conference. Currently, the Goals are 6th in the West with a record of 35-33 (0.515).

Accordingly, Goles will try to avoid play-in tournaments as much as possible. However, it is predicted that the teams facing them will also be reluctant to the three people who have experienced the playoff stage for years.

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