“come again!” Thank you, Young-woong Lim and 45,007 people made a new history in the K-League, Eui-jo Hwang and Sung-yong Ki Ki.

 “Thank you, hero. Come again!”

April 8, 2023. A new history was written in Korean professional football. On this day, 45,007 people were packed in the 6th round match between FC Seoul and Daegu FC at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023. Since 2018, when the K-League started counting paid spectators, it has recorded the highest number of spectators in the K-League 1. At the same time, it set the record for the largest number of spectators in a single domestic professional sports game since COVID-19.

At the center of the new history was Lim Young-woong, a ‘national singer안전놀이터‘. On this day, Lim Young-woong stepped on the ground as a timekeeper. It was a surprising issue not only in the K-League, but also in society and entertainment in general. Lim Young-woong is currently a superstar in the domestic music industry. As soon as he ‘floats’ at the event, thousands or tens of thousands of fans move together. Such Lim Young-woong started as a K-League starter.

The reason why Lim Young-woong came out as a poet was because of his deep relationship with soccer. He played soccer until middle school. As a representative of the music industry, Lim Young-woong first inquired about the time axis through the manager. In particular, he is known to be friendly with national striker Hwang Eui-jo (31). Lim Young-woong even went out to support Hwang Eui-jo in France. Recently, it is known that midfielder Ki Sung-yong (34) personally attended Lim Young-woong’s soccer club.

Interest was explosive. On the 3rd, when the time period was decided, 20,000 tickets were sold in 10 minutes after the reservation started. After 30 minutes, 25,000 copies were sold. An official from the Seoul club said, “Since Young-woong Lim’s time axis was confirmed, there have been a lot of phone calls. I received hundreds of calls a day. By the morning of the 8th, 38,000 tickets were sold. Those who could not purchase online early on the day of the game. I made on-site purchases from time to time,” he said.

Lim Young-woong delivered a surprise gift to the fans who visited the soccer field. He delivered five signed jerseys purchased at his own expense through a lottery. It wasn’t over. He also conducted a halftime performance. Originally, it was planned to do only the time axis. However, the performance was prepared for the fans’ passionate love. After singing ‘Hero’, he performed a dance performance to Ive’s ‘After Like’.

What stood out was his ignition. Both Lim Young-woong and his dancers performed in soccer boots. It was a consideration to prevent damage to the grass. Lim Young-woong left the soccer field after enjoying all 90 minutes of the first and second half of the game with the fans. Lim Young-woong’s fans finished cleaning and left the stadium to receive applause.

Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo, who won 3-0 with Hwang Ui-jo, Na Sang-ho and Palosevich’s consecutive goals in the game, said, “I am very grateful for Mr. Lim Young-woong. 45,007 fans came to Sangambeol. If we improve this part, I think we can meet more fans’ needs.”

Hwang Eui-jo, who was selected as the best player in the match (Man of The Match), said, “I can’t remember how I became close with (Lim Young-woong) (laughs). Before the game, I said, ‘I have to score a goal’, but I’m glad I kept my promise. It was an event, but I had the opportunity to play in front of a lot of fans. That in itself makes me happy as a player.” Ki Sung-yong said, “This is the first time since the Super Match 50,000 spectators when I was young. It would be nice if so many people came every day, but I think more will come if I play soccer well anyway. “he said.

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