Coach Seongho Yoo of Gwangshinjung “It’s a great opportunity, thank you”

He expressed his gratitude to the juniors for their talent donation.

On the 19th,토스카지노 the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps visited the Gwangshin Broadcasting High School Gymnasium and completed a second-hand basketball talent donation program for elite basketball players at Gwangshin Middle School and Broadcasting High School.

The Elite Secondary Basketball Talent Donation Program is hosted and supervised by the Korea Secondary Basketball Federation and the Sangmu Basketball Team. The Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation sent an official letter to schools with elite basketball teams, and the program was conducted for the schools that applied.

Coach Seongho Yoo of Gwangshinjung said, “As soon as I saw the official letter, Coach Heungbae Lee (Kwangshin Broadcasting Preliminary High School) and the general manager applied for talent donation with the thought that I should apply right away. The purpose was really good and I was glad to see it.”

He continued, “I also came out of Sangmu (enlisted in 2013), but there was no opportunity like this. Even the juniors who teach and the disciples who are learning seem to be helpful and good. I saw it proudly.”

Although it was a short time, Sangmu players did not waste time. Coach Yoo Seong-ho, who observed the juniors’ talent donations, said, “The teacher’s words that the students listen to are correct, but they can be nagging. It is motivation rather than improvement,” he said.

Finally, he emphasized, “My juniors taught me harder than I thought. You can spend a lot of time and go, but they taught me one by one even the parts that I could just pass by. Thank you very much.” 

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