Chungam High School head coach Lee Young-bok, “I’m happy to be with the best players”

“I was happy to be able to work with good players through the All-Star Game.”

On the 6th, Chungam High School coach Lee Young-bok, who was in charge of the high school team’s command tower at the 1st High School vs. College All-Star Game held at Eagles Park of Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance, smiled. This is because, apart from the results of the game, he felt great satisfaction just with the All-Star Game being prepared. In particular, since coach Lee Young-bok was internally appointed as the head coach who will be in charge of the youth team this year, he has no choice but to pay attention to those recommended by the professional scout team. This is because they need to be equipped with the best power to win the World Youth Championship, which has been suspended for a while since 2008.메이저사이트

So, rather than winning or losing, he ran the game in a way that selected all players were employed. All selected pitchers, including those wearing catcher masks in the order of Lee Sang-jun (Gyeonggi High School), Bae Kang (Gwangju Ilgo), and Han Ji-yoon (Gyeonggi Sanggo), were all employed. The batters also used pinch hitters appropriately, and were considerate of giving them more than two at-bat opportunities. If they went all out, the high school team would have won easily.

Director Lee Young-bok watches Hwang Jun-seo pitching in the bullpen on the screen at the dugout. Photo (Daejeon) = Reporter Kim Hyun-hee

In particular, coach Lee Young-bok praised players he hadn’t seen in person, saying, “Hey! It’s really good to see!” Coach Lee Young

-bok, who brought the players together after the game, said, “It was an honor to be in the best position with the best players. I hope we can end this place with a handshake.” He concluded it nicely. And he moved back to Seoul to prepare for the second half of the weekend league, the Blue Dragon Championship, and the upcoming world championship.

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