‘Chosun’s 4th hitter’ Lee Dae-ho challenges ‘commentary home run’

Lee Dae-ho, who retired at the end of last season, will play an active part as a SBS commentator for the World Baseball Classic next month.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon met Commissioner Lee Dae-ho, who was excitedly preparing to hold the microphone.


The ‘Joseon number 4 hitter’ who made the world tremble now holds a microphone instead of a bat.

[Lee Dae-ho/SBS Commentator: Hello. This is Lee Dae-ho, SBS commentator. Nice to meet you.]

In this WBC, Lee Dae-ho took over as SBS commentator following Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, the ‘national hitter’.

[Lee Dae-ho/SBS Commentator: It feels good to be able to meet fans while cheering and broadcasting together.]

Since the 2006 Asian Games, Lee Dae-ho has played an active part as a representative hitter for the national team without missing out on all international competitions. 먹튀검증

He played in 51 games and posted a batting average of 3.2 3, 7 home runs, and 49 RBIs. He took the lead in winning the last international competition.

We prepare easy and vivid commentary by making use of our rich experience in Korea, Japan and the major leagues.

[Lee Dae-ho/SBS Commentator: Since I’ve been with the national team for a long time, I’ve always thought about preparing for the game by going to the baseball field, but now I’ll prepare well so that the people can easily watch baseball.] Instead of feeling burdened, ‘enjoy

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