Chairman Chung Mong-gyu lowered his head “Resignation is not a decision for Korean football… I will communicate more” 

Chung Mong-kyu (61), president of the Korea Football Association (KFA), bowed his head in apology announcing the list of new directors.

On the 3rd, Chairman Chung announced the list of new KFA directors (25) and held a press conference at the Korea Football Association Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Seoul.

It has been about a month since카지노사이트 the ‘skit’, in which all the vice-presidents and board members resigned due to controversy over pardon for match-fixing offenders. Chairman Chung has kept his mouth shut about why he pushed for his pardon amidst the controversy. After reading only an apology at the temporary board of directors earlier, he avoided taking questions from reporters and raised controversy.

At the press conference that day, Chairman Chung personally announced the 25 new board members. He created a new full-time vice-president position in place of the existing managing director. The full-time vice chairman is Kim Jung-bae, former second vice minister of culture, sports and tourism. It is composed of experts in various fields, such as commentator Han Joon-hee as vice-president, Won-seok former editor-in-chief of Sports Seoul as director in charge of press, and Sojin, a lawyer at Law Firm Lee & Ko as chairman of the Fair Trade Commission.

Chairman Chung said, “I have had a difficult time over the past month. Pardoning the match-fixing offender was not the right decision. I was greatly disappointed in the people. I was not careful and did not look closely at the ripple effects. I caused harm to many people with my wrong judgment.” bowed down

Regarding maintaining the position of chairman when all the directors resigned, he said, “I thought about whether I should resign, but I thought it was not a decision for Korean football to finish with one year and eight months left in my term.” He continued, “It was especially important to build a comprehensive soccer center in Cheonan.

The following is a Q&A with Chairman Chung.

– You mentioned that ‘finishing the remaining 1 year and 8 months term is the way for Korean football’. Is this the last term?

▶ I haven’t thought about it yet, but I think it’s important to faithfully fulfill my current term.

– So far, managing directors have been mainly soccer players, but was there no suitable person?

▶ As a soccer player, various paths may be needed to listen to the voices of the field. There are many former soccer players in the vice-president and subcommittee chairperson. I look forward to good communication with the full-time vice president.

– Is the appointment of commentator Han Joon-hee aimed at strengthening publicity?

▶ It is also important to inform the policy direction by having a football expert. In the future, I will talk with the full-time vice president to strengthen the PR function.

– Did you create a system to listen to various voices to prevent the same controversy from happening last time?

▶ As can be seen through this reorganization, it is composed of various soccer players and classes. Regarding the past controversy, what is regrettable is that the process of discussion was small as the Fair Committee supplemented some issues. If a little more procedure had been carried out, there would have been no controversy. We will actively operate the board of directors by inviting various stakeholders. The past controversy will not repeat itself.

▶ The two players are the president of the Professional Players Council. The voices of the players should also be heard by the Football Association. I am grateful to the two of them for readily accepting.

– Attracting attention by appointing attorney Sojin, a former prosecutor, as the chairperson of the Fair Trade Commission.

▶ The Fair Commission is an organization that also handles rewards and punishments, and Fair Commission Chairman Sojin is well aware of the judicial system. The importance of the legal system was grasped in the amnesty issue. The prosecutors thought they knew better.

– Have you been prepared to hear the ‘bitter sound’?

▶ Our discussion culture is quite difficult. The gossip culture is more familiar. It is also meaningful to invite people from various backgrounds to discuss. I will listen to your opinions and reflect them a lot.

– Seven of the existing directors have retained their positions. Do you think the range of change is small?

▶ It can be different depending on how you look at it. Please consider that 3 out of 4 people have changed. I see a lot of change. Continuity of work was also taken into account. It is an overstatement to say that all 25 people need to be changed for change to occur.

– What is the most important part of this reorganization of the board of directors?

▶ Communication is the biggest issue. As many backgrounds are recommended, there will be improvements.
List of directors of the Korea Football Association (25)Vice-Chairman (Full-time): Kim Jung-bae (Former 2nd Vice Minister of Culture,

Sports and Tourism) Vice-Chairman: Han Jun-hee (Soccer commentator), Jang O-ryong (Former Chongqing coach), Won Young-shin (Yonsei University emeritus professor), Ha Seok-ju (Ajou University coach), Choi Young-il (Former national team), Lee Seok-jae ( Head of Gyeonggi Football Association)

Subcommittee Chairpersons: Jung Hae-seong (Chairman of Competition), Michael Müller (Chairperson of National Strengthening Committee), Imsaeng Lee (Chairman of Technology Development), Yoon-Nam Lee (Chairman of Ethics), Sojin (Chairman of Fair Trade Commission), Tae-Young Kim (Chairperson of Social Contribution), Dong-Won Seo (Duty Chairman)

Directors: Jo Yeon-sang (Secretary General of the Korea Professional Football Federation), Kang Myeong-won (former FC Seoul general manager), Park Jae-soon (CEO of Cuchen), Jo Deok-je (FC Mokpo coach), Shin Yeon-ho (Korea University coach), Lee Geun-ho (Chairman of the Professional Athletes Council) ), Ji So-yeon (Chairman of Professional Athletes Council), Won-Seok (Former Editor-in-Chief of Sports Seoul), Noh Su-jin (Yeongdeungpo Technical High School teacher), Jeon Jeon-rim (Vice President of Women’s Soccer Club Federation), Park In-soo (Former Director of National Football Association)

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