‘Captain in Cleansman’ Son Heung-min “I will show it through actions rather than words”

 Son Heung-min (Tottenham) looked forward to his time at Klinsmann more.

On the afternoon of the 24th 스포츠토토(local time), the Korean national team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play an A-match against Colombia at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan. This is Klinsmann’s debut game for the Korean national team.

Son Heung-min was the captain of Klins Man-ho. He was to continue in the captaincy post following Ben Tuho. Son Heung-min held a pre-game press conference with coach Klinsman.

At this meeting, Son Heung-min said, “We are still working on the existing things in training,” and said, “I am looking forward to future training.”

◇ Q&A with Son Heung-min

– After Bento, I trained with coach Klinsman for about two days. Was there anything different What is different about being a striker-turned-director?

▶I trained with the coach for about three days. Rather than putting on a lot of colors, it seems to have progressed with the existing ones. The amount of training was not so great that there was no time to say that I felt a difference in the training program with the previous coach. Looking forward to the future.

-Naples Osimen comes out wearing a face mask. Is there any facial injury?

▶That player will be uncomfortable, but he will wear a mask for safety. I was told by the doctor or doctors that I could take it off. I am not wearing a mask because my condition has improved.

-This is the first match to be shown to domestic fans since the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup. What game are you planning to show?

▶I think it would be nice if the World Cup was more successful. The realistic goal was the round of 16. After the World Cup, he was busy returning to his team. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye. I think I can say hello by doing well and showing fun things on the pitch this time. It’s getting a lot of attention, and the players have to take responsibility.

-What was your conversation with director Klinsman?

▶ I mainly talk in English with the director.

-You are very interested in the composition of the attacking team. How did you come up with the composition of the attacking team?

▶ I was making changes while training. It will be determined during training. The members who went to the World Cup train. Since we know each other well, I don’t think it matters much which position we’re in. I hope you bring out each of your strengths. I think it’s important to laugh while thinking about what you’re good at and what you like. If you do that, you can score goals and go to victory. Then I think I can go in a good mood. It seems to be important.

-Determination for a new start as a captain

▶ While preparing for the World Cup, there were many first-time players in the World Cup. Now, even though I have experienced the World Cup, I felt how difficult and desperate the stage was. I think it will be helpful for the next four years and the journeys ahead. As a claim, you would have felt it even if you didn’t talk about it separately. It’s a captain, but the most important thing is to make the play that the team members can do best. I’m trying to do a role that players feel comfortable with. It is important to create an environment in which the players can do well while solving awkward and difficult situations. Actions rather than words, I will lead by example so that many people can learn. I hope you can follow me well.

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