Busan I’Park, the resolution engraved on the new uniform, ‘strong Busan’

Professional soccer team Busan I-Park unveils a new uniform, reaffirming its determination to become a ‘strong Busan’.

Busan announced the new uniform for the 2023 season on the 30th. The concept of the uniform is ‘STRONG SHIELD’.

For now, the shield pattern that embodies the emblem of Busan was maintained. Instead, monotony was avoided by using wave patterns that reminded us of Busan’s sea. Like the Busan sea, which is infinitely soft but sometimes strong, it also means that it hopes to show a stronger appearance than the 2023 season.

In the case of the home kit, the shield color ‘white-red’ configuration is reversed from last season. The back part was given a sense of unity with red. It is also a choice that compensates for the disadvantages of last year’s number and name that were difficult to confirm.

What is clearly different from last season is the return of ‘Black’. For the first time in 13 years since 2013, he showed off his strength even more by wearing black pants. The sleeves and neck were also accented with black.

The away uniform has undergone the most drastic transformation. The HDC logo of Hyundai Business Development, the parent company, was changed to an ocean blue color to express the sea of ​​Busan. It made me feel cool and refreshing. Like the home jersey, the wave pattern is also engraved.

The goalkeeper’s uniform has a pattern that symbolizes the ‘mountain’ of Busan both home and away. Fresh and warm natural colors go well with patterns.

Regarding the release of the uniform, an official from Busan said, “We made it so that the fans’ requests and regional characteristics can harmonize. I ask for a lot of love,” he said. Busan held an event in June of last year to preview the new uniform at home games. At the time, fans poured out praise for the away uniform, which boasts cool colors, as ‘the best ever’. The new uniforms will go on sale in early February. 안전놀이터

Busan also confirmed the number of players for the 2023 season.

Captain Lee Han-do, who leads the team, wore number 20. The number 20 is the uniform number he has worn since his professional debut. Vice-captain Jeong Won-jin chose 14 instead of 61 last season, and Kwon Hyeok-gyu chose 42, the same as last season.

Veteran Park Jong-woo also wears the same number 8 as last season. Koo Sang-min (No. 1), Eo Jeong-won (No. 2), Park Jeong-in (No. 11), Ahn Jun-su (No. 13), Park Ho-young (No. 35), and Hwang Jun-ho (No. 45) will also wear the same jersey numbers as last year.

The number 10, the symbol of an ace, was worn by foreign player Lamas. Peshin, a new foreign player, chose number 7. Transfer student Choi Geon-joo decided to wear number 99, Choi Ji-mook 26, and Choi Ki-yoon 29.

Park Se-jin, who wore number 19 last year, changed to number 66, and Ye-hoon Choi, who wore number 3, changed to number 21. Lee Sang-heon chose the new number 22 (last year’s number 10). Lee Sang-heon said, “It was my number when I first played soccer, and I had a good memory, so I wore number 22.”

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