Between Kim Seo-hyun and Yoon Young-cheol rising to stardom… Shim Jun-seok bet on 3 years, now a new page opens

The KBO League is cheering for the performance of Kim Seo-hyun (19‧ Hanwha) and Yoon Young-chul (19 ‧ KIA), the overall 1st and 2nd overall nominees for the 2023 rookie draft. Both players are high school graduates with a lot to refine. But apart from that, his potential is clearly showing and he is spending his debut season in the first team.안전놀이터

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined as the 1st overall player, already received a big spotlight by throwing a fastball of over 160 km/h on the stage of the 1st team. Although his speed is not everything, it is clear that the shoulder itself, which can throw 160 km, is a great blessing to be expected. Yoon Young-cheol is not special in restraint, but he is winning and winning in the starting rotation with stable control and game management that is hard to believe for a high school graduate rookie.

In addition, the 2023 rookie draft is characterized by players selected in the top 1 to 3 rounds debuting on the first team stage earlier than in previous years and catching the attention of fans. However, the ‘original number 1’ player, who was recognized for his greater potential than these players in the first place, disappeared from our gaze for a while. Shim Jun-seok (19, Pittsburgh), who chose to challenge the major leagues without appearing in the draft, is drawing a future while secretly sweating.

Shim Jun-seok, who moved to the United States right after his contract and trained in Bradenton, Florida, where the team’s training facility is located, now moves up to the rookie league and begins his full-fledged American life. Rumors spread that he was injured, but these were not true. Shim Jun-seok has been pitching in the bullpen since moving to the United States, and since April, he has been called up innings as well as live pitching.

Such Shim Jun-seok is scheduled to start the game against the Baltimore rookie team on the 11th (Korean time). The fact that he starts right away can read the preparation and expectations of the Pittsburgh team. The general evaluation of the club officials is that Shim Jun-seok’s skills have already surpassed the rookie league. If he pitches well in the rookie league, prospects emerge that he could move over to Single-A sooner than expected. He is aiming for Single A promotion within the year.

He’s warmed up his shoulders enough to be able to start. He has been training and re-correcting a lot in the last 3-4 months. His pitching form has changed a little from his high school days. He gives the impression of being more concise. While his motives are receiving the splendid spotlight of fans in the KBO league, Shim Jun-seok, who was the biggest player, is laying the foundation for his future through training rather than actual matches.

▲ Shim Jun-seok is trying various things with the goal of entering the major leagues within 3 years ⓒPittsburgh club official social media

▲ Shim Jun-seok also partially modified his pitching form for pitching and ball control ⓒPittsburgh club official social media capture

In fact, it is not easy to take these steps calmly if you are on the stage of the first team in the KBO League. If he joined, considering Shim Jun-seok’s skills, there is a high possibility that he would be throwing the ball in the 1st team by now rather than the 2nd team. Group 1 is not a field for experimentation. It is a place where grades and results have to be produced. Naturally, there is no choice but to focus on the immediate game, and there is no time or mental space to correct the supplementary points.

Throwing the ball at a high level is important, but in the long-term picture, it might be better to definitely build more and try things out now. Shim Jun-seok is also calmly doing what he wants to do, finding his own points of improvement and trying to change. It is also a picture that Shim Jun-seok drew from the time he came to the United States.

The Pittsburgh team is known to be very satisfied with Shim’s current pitch. The young players already in the training facility couldn’t even hit Shim Jun-seok’s ball properly in live pitching. The promotion to the Rookie League was made in such an evaluation. Pittsburgh plans to give Shim Jun-seok enough time. First of all, he is expected to find a form and balance that is as comfortable as possible while letting him throw whatever he wants, and then go through the process of spraying water on the foundation.

Right now, you may envy your classmates, or you may feel lonely because you are not receiving much attention right now. However, Shim Jun-seok, who crossed the Pacific Ocean with a big dream of ‘promoting to the major league within three years’, is already determined. He is determined to go through the process of seeing the results three years later and after that, rather than the results right away. This is the reason why Shim Jun-seok’s calm move, starting a new stage by entering the actual battle in the rookie league, is attracting attention.

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