Benfica explodes inside ‘smiling’ Enzo…Why are both the manager and the president angry?

 Reporter Park Jae-ho = When Fernandez Enzo (22) left for Chelsea, Benfica’s leadership was upset.

Enzo, who was the biggest concern in the winter transfer market, entered Chelsea splendidly. On the 2nd (Korean time), wearing a Chelsea uniform, he set a record of 120 million euros (approximately 160 billion won), the highest transfer fee in the English Premier League (EPL). His contract lasts for eight years, until 2031. Enzo expressed his joy, saying, “I am happy to be on the top team in London.” 먹튀검증

The transfer process of Enzo, who achieved his dream, was not smooth. This is because manager Roger Schmidt and chairman Rui Costa were unwilling to let go of Enzo. However, Enzo’s strong will to transfer and Chelsea at the end of the transfer market offered an astronomical buyout amount, and the transfer was completed.

Coach Schmidt confessed his feelings about Enzo after playing a league match against Aroca on the 1st without Enzo. “It’s always a pity to lose a player in the winter transfer market,” he said. “I showed that I can play good football and score a lot of goals without Enzo.”

“The Benfica team is much bigger than a single player. We just need a player who can play happily and passionately in the team,” he said, expressing his regret at Enzo’s transfer decision. He went on to lament, “If a player decides to leave and pays the buyout amount, there’s virtually nothing we can do about it.”

President Rui Costa also helped. According to the British media’Daily Mail’ on the 3rd, “(Enzo’s stay) I gave my all and I am sad. But I will not cry for a player who does not want to stay at Benfica.” It was impossible,” he said.

According to Costa’s president, Benfica offered Enzo to leave in the summer for a lower transfer fee. But Enzo’s answer was ‘NO’. “Even at the offer, Enzo didn’t want to stay with Benfica. That’s why everything changed,” Costa said.

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