Barca→Chelsea→Barsa?…Aubameyang returns if 3 conditions are met

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is rumored to return to Barcelona.

On the 12th (Korean time), journalist Fabricio Romano, who reports on European football, posted on his personal SNS, “According to FIFA rules, Aubameyang cannot play for other clubs other than Barcelona and Chelsea. 100% confirmed. Barcelona is “I heard you’d love to bring Aubameyang back, but 100% free transfer, different salary terms, only when Memphis Depay leaves.” 바카라사이트

Aubameyang is a veteran striker who has played in various clubs. After making his professional debut for AC Milan in 2008, he moved on to Borussia Dortmund before joining Arsenal in the winter of 2018. Aubameyang has established himself as a key player for Arsenal, scoring over 20 goals each season.

However, he had friction with the club in the winter of 2021. Aubameyang did not participate in team training ahead of the match against Southampton in December last year. It is known that Miss Aubame visited France to take care of her mother, who was suffering from a disease, but her return was disrupted due to quarantine regulations. However, manager Arteta took away his captaincy and gave him a strong discipline. In addition, when Obameyang violated the quarantine rules ahead of joining the Gabonese national team and became a rumor, Arsenal eventually released Aubameyang.

Aubameyang’s next destination was Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​under coach Xabi Hernández, reinforced their lacking striker position by signing Aubameyang. Aubameyang has scored 11 goals since moving to Barcelona, ​​showing off his continued scoring ability. However, as Barcelona signed Roberto Lewandowski ahead of this season, there was a strong possibility that he would be pushed out of the competition for the starting position.

In the end, Aubameyang chose to move to Chelsea. However, his life at Chelsea has not been easy. He has scored only one goal in 9 English Premier League (EPL) matches, and has been criticized for failing to show a remarkable appearance every time he plays.

In this situation, rumors of a return to Barcelona broke out. However, there are three conditions. As reporter Romano mentioned earlier, ‘free transfer, different salary conditions from now, only when Memphis Depay leaves’. First, the possibility of a transfer to Atletico Madrid is being raised for Depay. When Joao Felix moved to Chelsea on loan, Depay emerged as a replacement. If Depay leaves for Atletico and Aubameyang wears a Barcelona uniform, a deal like a three-person trade will be made.

However, it is doubtful whether Chelsea will release Aubameyang without a transfer fee. Currently, Chelsea is in a situation where there is no number 9 attacker to do this except for aubameyang. Armando Broya, who returned from loan ahead of this season, is predicted to be out for the season due to a cruciate ligament rupture injury.

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