Bamba expected to play in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals

Driven to the edge of a cliff,안전놀이터 the Los Angeles Lakers have a chance to add to their inside power.

According to TNT reporter Chris Haynes, the Lakers’ Mo Bamba (center, 213 cm, 105 kg) could return in the Western Conference Finals.

It is confirmed that Bamba can play in Game 4 of the Western Final against the Denver Nuggets, which will be held on the 23rd (Korean time) at the earliest. ESPN’s Adrian Wozke’s reporter Lowesky reported that if he can’t play in Game 4, he’ll be on the court in Game 5.

Bamba has missed 9 games in this playoff, including the last 4 games. Because of his left ankle injury, his physical condition was not perfect. It is difficult to evaluate the Lakers’ main power, but Denver has the league’s best center, Nikola Jokic. It is necessary to use multiple cards to make Yokichi uncomfortable. However, the Lakers had no defense other than Anthony Davis.

However, it is questionable how much the Lakers will inject him even if Bamba can play. Bamba hasn’t played many games since wearing a Lakers uniform apart from injury. It can be helpful in a physical fight, but it is because Yokichi can easily outwit the opponent with his elegant deception and excellent passing sense. It is questionable how long Bamba can hold out against Jokic.

Lakers manager Davin Hamm hired Rui Hachimura as a temporary defender for Jokichi in Game 1. In the 4th quarter, many attacks starting from Yokichi were withstood to some extent. However, Yokichi made the opponent’s defense a mess apart from the matchup. For reference, Jokic has a triple-double while averaging a lot in this series.

On the other hand, Bamba played 9 games in the regular season after the trade. He posted 3.7 points (.407 .313 .545) and 4.6 rebounds in 9.8 minutes per game. In the playoffs, he only appeared in three games. He appeared in the first two games of the first round of the playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies, but played 30 seconds in each. In the 6th game, because the game was decided early, he jumped 9 minutes and 10 seconds and raised 3 rebounds.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have been playing hard in this series against Denver. In the first game, he left behind a large score difference and drove to the close, but he lacked a back heart. In the second game, we missed a game we could have won. Being ahead but failing to keep the lead. Even in the third game held at home, they were pushed back by Denver’s firepower.

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