‘As if Son Heung-min was taken away from Ukraine’ Arsenal drink water from Chelsea again?

Can Arsenal drink water from Chelsea again?

According to the British media ’90min’, Arsenal could repeat the same thing with Chelsea, just as Arsenal kidnapped Mikhailo Mudrik.

Arsenal are keen on signing Declan Rice, but are mulling over the transfer fee demanded by West Ham United and may be giving Chelsea a chance.스포츠토토

Arsenal focused on recruiting high-quality players to build competitiveness in line with their return to the Champions League next season.

Arsenal’s target is Rice, who has been the main player of West Ham United with a sense of stability despite his young age.

Due to his steady performance, Rice seems to be fascinated by the title of the best defensive midfielder in the English Premier League (EPL) and is burning his will to recruit him.

Rice is also known to have been moved by Arsenal transfer.

However, it is known that Arsenal is in trouble to meet West Ham’s request for more than 100 billion won for Rice’s transfer fee.

Regarding Rice, Manchester United and Bayern Munich are showing interest, but it is expected that a case like Mudrik’s transfer to Chelsea may occur as Arsenal is taken away while they are thinking about it.

Mudrik is a Ukrainian national and a winger born in 2001. He can digest both his left and right sides and is equipped with multi-ability to play as a central midfielder depending on the situation.

In particular, he received positive reviews for his versatility, along with the modifier Son Heung-min of Ukraine, because he was free to use both feet.

Arsenal and Chelsea have shown active interest in Mudrik, who has shown tremendous success with Shakhtar Donetsk.

While Arsenal hesitated to sign Moudrik, Chelsea bet over 140 billion and smiled as winners.

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